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Review: The InBetween 1×1 (US: NBC; UK: Universal)

In the US: Wednesdays, 10/9c, NBC
In the UK: Acquired by Universal

For almost as long as there have been people calling themselves psychics, there have been people calling themselves psychics who have claimed to have helped the police to solve crimes. How many of them have actually even spoken to police is debatable and the number who have helped police, rather than hindered them, is debatable. Yet, the phenomenon does exist.

That makes it questionable whether the makers of Medium could ever sue the makers of The InBetween, despite both shows having some obvious similarities – particularly the fact they’re about blonde psychic women helping the police to solve crimes.

The InBetween
Harriet Dyer (right) in The InBetween

Not Medium

This particular iteration of the idea sees Harriet Dyer (Love Child, No Activity) playing a 20-something Seattle bartender who’s beset by the Sixth Sense – yes, she can see dead people. She also gets dreams, a lot of which seem to be of help in murder investigations. She doesn’t want her gift, but it’s not going away any time soon and neither are the ghosts, so she’s happy to help the police, no matter how sceptical they might be.

All that good psychic information would probably go unheeded, however, were it not for the fact that Seattle PD’s top detective is also her adoptive father (The Dresden Files/Arrow‘s Paul Blackthorne) and has known about her gift all her life.

A simple retread of Medium? Yet another tedious summer one-season wonder of no actual merit?

Surprisingly, no. The InBetween is by no means an instant classic but it does have a lot to add to the genre that its predecessor didn’t cover.

Yes, boys and girls, Medium is not enough.

More puns after the jump, probably.

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