The Librarians does London. Is that the one in the UK or Ontario, though?

So over Christmas, The Librarians did an episode set in part in London called …And Santa’s Midnight Run. Obviously, given it had Bruce Campbell as Santa Claus, it was laden with a certain amount of awesome.

However, as you may have gathered from the trailer, the episode visited London. Which London? Well, that’s a tricky one, since the show is shot in Canada. So was it the one in the UK or the one in Canada?

You know what? No one actually said. So let’s have a look at the evidence after the jump.

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Some US shows Amazon Instant Video quietly added over Christmas when you weren’t looking

Amazon Prime/Instant Video is currently doing its level best to be the UK equivalent to Netflix US – given Netflix UK can’t because of licensing issues – by acquiring as many TV shows as it can, some that haven’t even had a UK broadcast yet. Ripper Street, Vikings, Extant, Constantine – the list goes on.

In fact, over Christmas it got a good deal longer, because Amazon Prime bought up five more shows – and then didn’t bother to tell anyone. Not sure what the strategy is there.

All the same, in case you’re interested, the new shows were:

Also out over Christmas was Amazon original Mozart In the Jungle, but I haven’t watched that yet. I’m sure I’ll get round to it, probably next week. Until then, here’s the first episode so you see if it’s up your street:


Pride: a film less about LGBT activism than you’d think… at least in the US

So here’s some of the artwork for the DVD of Pride, one of last year’s top British films.


For those who don’t know, it was a retelling of the true story of how some London LGBT activists helped a small Welsh village during the Miner’s Strike in the 1980s. Here’s a trailer.

Now here’s the corresponding artwork from the US DVD. Can you spot any differences?

Pride's US cover

The astute will first notice that the ‘Lesbian and Gays’ banner in the demonstration has been removed. But if you read the text, you’ll notice that the group who were in the UK text ‘lesbian and gay activists’ are now ‘London-based activists’. So although you can still spot “… & GAY” on a T-shirt if you look very hard, basically any reference to this being a film involving LGBT characters appears to have excised. Hmmm. I wonder why…