Weekly Wonder Woman

Review: Wonder Woman #18/Justice League #18/Superman #18/Injustice: Gods Among us #8-11

Wonder Woman #18

It’s time, once again, for our monthly round-up of all things Wonder Woman in comics. And what a month, because despite the end of the H’El on Earth storyline in Superman/Supergirl/Superboy and the crossover in Batwoman, it’s been… well, maybe not momentous, but whatever it’s been, I’m not sure I have enough hands for the facepalms required to deal with it all.

Wonder Woman #18 sees the end of the hunt for Zola’s baby (finally); Justice League #18 mostly has Wonder Woman alternating between standing around a lot and hitting things; Superman #18 is Wonder Woman-free yet has referenced our heroine rather a lot thanks to the arrival of Orion; and in Injustice: Gods Among Us, it’s all out war between the superheroes and everyone else, including each other, with Wondy standing by her man.

Which ones required the most facepalms? I’ll give you a clue: it’s fortunately the only one where Wonder Woman is literally flirting with Superman over Lois Lane’s dead body.

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