The Simpsons – if it was set in Estonia

Estonian TV station TV3 has recreated the title sequence to The Simpsons, but set it in an Estonian village. It’s probably funnier if you’re Estonian, but it’s a good effort.


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The Three Wallanders – Kenneth Branagh, Rolf Lassgård, Krister Henriksson

Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander is back on BBC1 – fingers-crossed, a review later today, although I keep saying things like that and they never materialise. Just to be very confusing, he’s the third actor to play Kurt Wallander. There have been two previous versions of Wallander made in Sweden.

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Doctor Who series five trailer

Just in case you missed it after Doctor Who Confidential on BBC3 (like the intro by David Tennant to The End of Time – Part 2, it didn’t air on BBC HD), here’s the trailer for series five of Doctor Who with Matt Smith. What are we all thinking? A few familiar faces (and ‘faces’), some possible Silurians and a whole lot of action adventure there, including the Doctor throwing a punch and firing a handgun. Enough to upset the old guard or a promise of good things to come?

BTW Americans, you should be able to watch this as well if you want.


Monday’s New Year news

Happy New Year everyone!

Doctor Who



  • Life on Mars (US)’s Jason O’Mara to star in Serenading Louie at the Donmar

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