Random Acts

Random Acts of Ali Larter: flying to Japan while saving kittens in the rain

The poster for Lemon Drop with Ali Larter

In case you’re wondering where “Random Acts” was over August, well Ali Larter wasn’t acting randomly. She just wasn’t. What? You thought this was merely a thinly veiled excuse to publish pictures of Ali Larter every week and I was just on holiday? Wow. How wrong were you?

I mean if that’s what it was all about, right about now, I’d have a picture of her running in the rain for no good reason, now wouldn’t I?

Ali in the rain


All the same, now it’s September, she’s being all random again.

For starters, she’s got two actual movies out this month, one online, one in cinemas in 3D – yes, 3D. Did I mention it’s in 3D? The first is Lemon Drop in which she randomly saves kittens. That’s out on Tuesday. But she’s also got Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D, which is out next Friday.

Resident Evil Afterlife

Here’s a featurette with her talking all about it being in 3D and kicking a really tall guy in 3D.

But now she’s randomly gone to Japan for the Resident Evil: Afterlife premiere. She’s there right now. She is. Look – here’s a live stream.

And she’s having her picture taken with random people.

Ali Larter with a random fan

Good to see the randomness back, Ali.

Have you seen Ali Larter acting randomly? If so, let us know and we’ll tell everyone about it in “Random Acts of Ali Larter

BFI events

(More) September and October 2010 at the BFI

Time for our regular look at what TV the BFI is showing on the South Bank in London in October. But first, a little late addition to September’s BFI programme. On the 8th of this month (that’s next Wednesday), the BFI (and HBO) are presenting a preview of The Special Relationship, which stars Michael Sheen as Tony Blair and Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton. There are still a few seats available, so get in there quickly if you can.

Now for October. It’s mostly going to be the Film Festival this month, but there’s also Michael Parkinson in conversation, a preview of thorne: sleepyhead that includes a Q&A with David Morrissey, as well as a season of plays directed by James Cellan Jones.

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Modern Family make-over: Family Guy and George Clooney!

If you haven’t been watching Modern Family on ABC/Sky1, you really should have been because it’s one of the funniest shows around — which is also why it won a whole cluster of Emmys on Sunday.

During said Emmys, there was this ‘ere skit, in which a TV exec decides to tinker with the Modern Family format. You might spot a crossover with Family Guy as well as a guest appearance from a certain major movie star.