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Meme of the week: your favourite bank holiday movie

Bank holidays are a time to gather round the television and grumble because it’s raining outside. Traditionally, it’s also a time for broadcasters to put on the same daft old movies they always show at Bank Holidays. Come Christmas, there’s The Great Escape, of course, but depending on the time of year, you may get to see North Sea Hijack, Juggernaut or one of the other old redoubtables. So today’s question is:

What’s your favourite Bank Holiday movie?

You can include movies on DVD if there’s one you always watch over the bank holidays.

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog.

BFI events

July at the BFI


Time for our regular look at what’s on at the South Bank in London in July. First though, just a mention that there’s been an addition to the BFI May programme – they’re showing a preview of Psychoville tonight, followed by a Q&A with Reece Shearsmith, cast member Daisy Haggard and producer Justin Davies. It’s on at 6.15pm, so get your skates on.

There’s going to be quite a lot of TV fun at the BFI in July, thanks to a moon season in particular, but also a large number of previews of forthcoming TV shows:

  • 1st: Canada Day TV Special – Bernard Braden
    Episodes of On the Braden Beat and Now and Then
  • 3rd: Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 + Q&A
    ITV ‘Docu-fiction’ about the the moon landing, starring James Marsters and Andrew Lincoln
  • 3rd: Doctor WhoThe Moonbase + Moonbase 3Departure and Arrival
    The two surviving episodes of Patrick Troughton Cyberman story The Moonbase followed by the opening episode of futuristic sci-fi soap The Moonbase, written by famed Who writers Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts back in 1973
  • 6th: The PlanetsMoon + Stranger than Fiction – The Truth Behind the Moon Landings
    Documentaries about the origin of the moon (BBC) and the possibility the moon landings were staged (Five).
  • 14th: Desperate Romantics + Q&A
    Preview of the first episode of the BBC1 drama about the 19th century Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, based on Franny Moyle’s book. Q&A with writer Peter Bowker, producer Ben Evans and co-exec Franny Moyle.
  • 21st: Charles Dickens’ England + Q&A
    A Sky Arts documentary featuring Derek Jacobi and various Dickens experts as they look at the various towns and villages that feature in Dickens’ work. Q&A afterwards with Derek Jacobi and Film London CEO Adrian Wootton.
  • 21st: Everyone’s Going to the Moon + HorizonBeyond the Moon
    ITV documentary about the training of astronauts followed by James Burke on BBC’s Horizon discussing the US space programme
  • 31st: UFOSurvival + Space: 1999Breakaway
    A lone alien attacks SHADO’s moonbase in the Gerry Anderson show, plus the first episode of the sequel show which saw the moon escape the earth’s orbit

Members’ priority booking opens: 11.30am June 2
Public booking opens: 11.30am June 9

As always, visit the BFI web site for more details

UPDATE: The BFI tells me that Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 will now include a Q&A with Richard Dale, head of research Dan Parry and (hopefully) cast members.