Trailing cable saves the day

My trailing cable has arrived to save the day. The aerials on my EyeTV Diversity turned out to be complete pants, so a 15m trailing cable was needed to restore little known networks such as ITV1 and Channel 4 to my channel roster.

Fortunately, someone had already had a cable running round the place once, and had left all the tacks behind, so with just a couple of cable ties, I’ve managed to make said trailing cable almost entirely invisible.

And look, I have my line-up back:

My new channels

And with decent signal: this means I get picture-in-picture, too: record one channel and watch another at the same time. Incidentally, note how, even though they’re been fed by the same aerial, the two tuners have substantially different signal qualities.

New signal strengths

Woo hoo. So now I have a decent, non breaking-up version of this week’s Being Human, too. One thing to note: if you buy a signal splitter so that you can have two aerials coming out of one TV socket, check to see if you’re getting male or female connections or else you’ll find your cables won’t work. Doh.

PS If by chance you also happen to buy a Heroes mousemat off eBay, be prepared: it might smell a bit.

Random Acts

Random Acts of Ali Larter: Enchanted

Ali Larter enchanted

Today, Ali Larter is enchanted. Enchanted that she can’t even go to the gym without being tracked down by paparazzi? Probably not.

Enchanted because it’s her birthday on Saturday and her presents have already started arriving? Maybe.

Enchanted because she’s just been reading Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s delightful book Brida, in which the eponymous heroine goes on a quest for wisdom and discovers how to pray to the moon? Maybe, although I haven’t read it, so I can’t be sure.

Or maybe it’s because the Utah Opera Ensemble is putting on a Toast to Viennesse Operetta? Yes. That’ll be it. Glad that’s cleared up.

Learn to speak Bass

If you’ve never seen Gossip Girl, you’ve missed out on the wonderful Chuck Bass, played by the surprisingly British Ed Westwick (he’s from Stevenage you know). So happily, The CW are currently running a promo in which you can ‘learn to speak Bass’ and which serves as a useful little introduction to Chuck and his ways. Go on and watch – it’s only a minute long. You might like it.


Thursday’s musical Spiderman news

Happy birthday, lovely wife!



  • Alex Proyas’s Tripods to be a trilogy
  • Total Recall to be remade
  • More Neverending Story
  • Sam Jackson to play Nick Fury in nine films
  • Peter Baynham writing Russell Brand’s Arthur remake
  • Arnie to appear in Sylvester Stallone movie, also starring Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke
  • Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg to play the B Team
  • Joss Whedon on why WB is struggling with DC’s characters
  • Matt Damon to star in adaptation of Philip K Dick’s The Adjustment Bureau


  • Ye gods. Spiderman: the musical, with music and lyrics by U2


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