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Review: Doctor Who – Valhalla

ValhallaFirstly, can I just ask, “What the Hell happened to the Big Finish web site?” Have a look at it: it’s horrible!

Putting that to one side for a moment, though, does anyone actually look forward to the Sylvester McCoy releases? Just before I’m about to listen to one, I always feel like I’m in that Revels ad – you know, the spoof of Deer Hunter – and someone’s pre-loaded the bag with toffees.

For one gleaming moment, though, it looked like I was going to get a coffee-flavoured audio play with Valhalla. No Sophie Aldred. Good. Sylvester McCoy playing the Doctor all quiet and melancholic, with scarcely a word beginning with ‘r’ in sight. Excellent. Hints that we’re going for season 25 or 26, rather than 24, with the Doctor having a cunning plan up his sleeve from the beginning. Excellente.

Then, oh dear. Mango-flavoured.

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Preview: Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle

In the US: NBC, Sundays, 10/9c. January 2008 start

In the UK: Not yet acquired

Sorry for the slight delay on this one: I needed to draft my wife in to watch this one as well, or else my opinion would be even more irrelevant than normal. This is, after all, one for the ladies.

The good news is that it’s based on Candace “I wrote Sex and the City, I did’ Bushnell’s book of the same name so has a reasonable pedigree, the show runners have already been fired, and Kim Raver can act.

The bad news is that no one else can act, the script’s awful, and they’re going to air the pilot as is, without changes.

As my wife put it, ”I like trashy TV, but that was just bad.“

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Thursday’s “two more days until I’m on holiday” news

Doctor Who



  • Val Kilmer for the next Orange cinema ad [free registration required]

British TV

  • Channel 4 stops all but one premium rate phone-in
  • Latest episode of Cape Wrath gets just 845,000 viewers
  • Ten single mothers and kids to live together for Pramface Mansion on BBC3. Seriously


Apologies again

Sorry if you were actually trying to do anything unusual like view some blog entries today – my useless web host has struck again. Guess who’s going to be moving home when I get back from my holidays…
In the meantime, I’ve changed a specific setting in the blog, which should make the whole thing more stable, although it might make commenting slower. Sorry!

Wednesday’s “three more days until I’m on holiday” news

Doctor Who


British TV