Review: Aquaman


In the US:
Available on iTunes. One episode and one episode only.

In the UK: Fake a US address and get it from iTunes. Or something.

As discussed earlier this week, Aquaman is a dead pilot. It has ceased to be. Or to WB, which was its original destination. Then The WB network decided to merge with UPN to create The CW (it’s all a bit Reggie Perrin, isn’t it?) and Aquaman got squeezed out.

The question is: was Aquaman unfairly denied airtime? Should it be up in the Brilliant But Cancelled Hall of Fame?

No. It shouldn’t. It’s pants. Or should that be trunks?

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Only one more series of The Apprentice?

The Media Guardian reports that Sir Alan’s in-depth televised quests for new office workers may only stretch to one more series. Turns out Sir Alan wants a greater say in which candidates he gets to pick from – understandable, since he eventually has to employ one of them – while the production company wants candidates that will make great television. Unless that particular conflict is sorted out, Sir Alan is going to have to resort in the future.

The lowdown on S4C

Nice little article on the future of S4C, everyone’s favourite Welsh-language channel, over at the Western Mail. Interesting to note that the reporter seems shocked that “the number of staff earning more than £60,000 per year rose from 7 to 12 in the past year, with more than 50 earning more than £40,000”. That’s 12 people at an entire channel earning over £60,000. It’s a miracle. How do they keep it so low?


A new dawn breaks for announcer warnings

Gordon Ramsay and familyWarning: May contain scenes of violence

Warning: May contain strong language

Warning: Contains scenes of nudity

We’re all familiar with those kind of post-watershed caveats that TV announcers utter in those particularly concerned voices of theirs.

So what should we make of last night’s The F Word which contained these two particularly new and original warnings.

Warning: contains scenes of tail docking and castration

Warning: Gordon and Jonathan Ross are going to learn the best way to kill an eel

It’s as though someone at Channel 4 suddenly had an LSD flashback to the 60s. Suddenly, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, just to see if they dream up something even stranger.

Warning: During this programme, Gordon Ramsay will use just the power of his mind to destroy all vegetarians within a range of 20 metres.

Warning: When the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.

I’m not sure I can wait.