Third-episode verdict: Three Moons Over Milford

Here’s a quick thought experiment for you. The moon comes out at night, right? When we see it, we know that bedtime is coming soon. Beautiful, blissful sleep. But if there were three moons, would we be three times sleepier?

This particular experiment doesn’t need to be a thought experiment any more. The practical version is here: Three Moons Over Milford. The results?

Having three moons in the sky would make us all absolutely soporific. We’d fall into a deep, deep coma in just a few minutes.

Three Moons Over Milford: don’t watch it while operating heavy machinery.


Preview: Vanished


In the US: Fox, Monday 9/8c. Starts on Monday.

In the UK: Acquired by Five. Will air in 2007.

I moaned at them and wow, here’s the screener. Of course, the show’s airing on Monday in a double-bill with the premiere of Prison Break, but here it is nonetheless.

Vanished is interesting because it embodies that other network trend: the coincidentally identical premise. Remember when Robin Hood and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves both came out at the same time? And last year, when Threshold, Surface and Invasion all slammed into our screens (and out the other side eventually)?

We’ve got a similar thing going on here with NBC’s Kidnapped, since we’ve got two kidnapping shows at the same time. Vanished has a bit of a march on Kidnapped, but will the better show win? And which is the better show?

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Preview: Raines

Jeff Goldblum in Raines

In the US: NBC, midseason.

In the UK: Acquired by ITV3, with a later pick-up by ITV1

When I first heard about Raines, I wasn’t impressed. A detective that can talk to dead people? Just how derivative can you get? Like we need another Medium or Ghost Whisperer.

Turns out that while Raines (Jeff Goldblum) can talk to dead people, it’s not because he’s psychic. It’s cos he’s just a little bit nuts and has a very vivid imagination.

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