More Welsh on BB

Turns out that Imogen comes from a Welsh-speaking family. So she and Glyn haven’t come up with a ‘code’, as previously thought, but are in fact just conversing in their first language. For some reason, and maybe it’s because I haven’t watched any episodes of Animal Hospital this week, I find that the most heartwarming thing I’ve heard for a while. It makes me all happy inside, even though Imogen and Glyn aren’t exactly the best adverts for Wales, to hear people on a mainstream programme getting to speak their native language. Bizarre, huh?


Ian Fleming’s BS continued

Stu and I were having a nice little chat about Ian Fleming’s capacity for BS, back on my earlier laugh at the psychology in The Man with the Golden Gun. Stu you are so right. Fleming was the king of BS.

I’m working my way through Goldfinger now, having previously only thumbed through it a couple of times in a book shop, and came to this cracking piece of martial arts BS. The Korean Oddjob, Goldfinger’s chauffeur, has just smacked his way through some oak bannisters on a staircase as a demo of his fighting power.

Bond: I was very impressed by that chauffeur of yours. Where did he learn that fantastic combat stuff? Where did it come from? Is that what the Koreans use?

Goldfinger: Have you ever heard of karate? No? Well that man is one of the three men in the world that have achieved the black belt in karate. Karate is a branch of judo… Karate is based on the theory that the human body has five striking surfaces and 37 vulnerable spots…

Wow. That man can really tell porkies. I’m in awe.

A celebrity deficit?

So I’m walking down Harrow-on-the-Hill high street when I spy a great big picture of Paris Hilton. Or is it Chantelle? Or is it Paris Hilton? Or is Chantelle?
My thought processes continue in this binary fashion for a while, before I realise I have absolutely no idea which it is.
What’s more worrying?

  1. That I can’t tell the difference
  2. That I should care about this
  3. That there is apparently such a shortage of celebrities that we’re having to clone existing ones to make up the numbers?

Pause for thought for bloggers and journalists alike

From today’s Poynter Institute email:

Conventional wisdom states that news sites must update to attract readers. Well, quite the opposite happened on Norway’s site Bergens Tidendes ( this week.

Instead of giving heavy coverage to the recent Scandinavian Big Brother finale (in Swedish), decided that an ultra-short and to-the-point article (in Norwegian) would suffice — adding that they probably would not be updating.

It was an obvious attempt to distance the site from a TV concept seen by many as vulgar and lowbrow.

The whole article reads: “Jessica won Big Brother. Jessica is 21 years old and comes from Kalmar. The first prize is one million Kroner. probably won’t come back with more.”

In a world gone reality crazy, the article was a little reminder of what’s news and what’s not, so it became something of a phenomenon in Norway this week. After having been e-mailed between friends and referred in other media, it attracted 25.000 readers during Tuesday, according to NA24 Propaganda (Norwegian). That kind of readership is usually reserved for much bigger stories and happenings on Bergens Tidendes.

Says Bergens Tidendes news editor Anne Gjerde: “We have never had so many readers for such a short article.”

CBS shows coming back

Upfront week continues with announcements of returning and cancelled CBS shows:


48 Hours: Mystery

60 Minutes

Close To Home

Cold Case

Crimetime Saturday

Criminal Minds

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Miami

CSI: New York

Ghost Whisperer

How I Met Your Mother

King Of Queens (midseason)




The Amazing Race

The New Adventures of Old Christine

The Unit

Two and a Half Men

Without A Trace


Courting Alex

Love Monkey

Out Of Practice


Yes, Dear

And over on ABC, Commander in Chief has been given the heave-ho at last.