Happy 16th birthday to The Medium is Not Enough!

A birthday cake

Crikey, as I always say, shortly after posting an image that was considered high resolution in 2005 – how did that happen?

Time has flown again. The Medium Is Not Enough emerged blinking into the world on 21 June 2005, and basic maths tells us it is now 16 years old, so therefore old enough to get married, leave school, have sex and join the army – but instead spends all its time making sarcastic comments about foreign TV while moping around on the sofa.

This year in review

Like most 16 year olds, TMINE has been a bit mardy and aimless for the past year, albeit thanks to Covid rather than puberty. There’s been little TV getting made and cinemas have largely been shut. With me stuck at home and also getting into that newfangled exercise thing, I’ve had even less time to watch what TV and movies that are getting made and distributed/broadcast, let alone write about it. I’ve even had to discontinue the decade-old TMINE news service. Permanently, I suspect.

On top of that, I’ve got a new, quite demanding job that makes Wednesday to Fridays tricky for doing anything except work; I’ve moved house and I didn’t have broadband for quite some time.

In other words, like most 16 year olds, I’d say it’s not fair and it’s not my fault! I hate you, Covid!

But… lockdown is easing. Work is easing. Summer is coming. Films and TV are returning. I see new hope and a new dawn arriving soon. Yep, TMINE is starting to feel it again. The mojo is returning. Soon, there might be an update more than once a month. I doubt we’ll ever see the full TMINE of yesteryear again – not until I’m retired, anyway – but there might be some actual content regularly again.

I hope.

Thank you!

As always, a great big thank you to all the hardcore regular TMINE commenters: Mark Carroll, JustStark, Adam Bowie and Craig Grannell. Bless your hearts for sticking with me all this time! Thank yous as well to the commenters on the TMINE Facebook page.

But thank yous as well to anyone who’s left even one comment this year, either here or on Facebook – it’s been great to hear from you!

Same time next year everyone? I say that every year, don’t I? Anyway, there’ll be cake, albeit the same photo of a cake as last year, so bring your friends.

TMINE background image

Oh God no, not another lockdown. And what does it mean for TMINE?

Hi all. I’m back from my holiday. Woo hoo! Everyone notice something, though? Yep, no news this morning.

Basically, for a number of COVIDy reasons and with a heavy heart, I’ve decided to both discontinue it and scale back TMINE itself as well – at least for now.

Let me explain why. I hope you’ll understand

Firstly, I’m really not getting any younger. I’ve tried using Inversion Technology from the future, but that didn’t work, so my arrow of time is still going forward. So I do need to look after my health, and with gyms closing and me now continuously working from home, I don’t commute past any gyms (or anything) any more.

Somehow I have to find time during the day to exercise and the only time I can think of, short of getting up at 5am every day and screwing up that whole work-life balance thing, is the time I usually spend doing the TMINE news.

Secondly, lockdown has actually made me busier than ever. I’m doing more and more work for longer and longer hours, which leaves less time to do TMINE. And that’s the stuff that pays the bill, whereas TMINE has always been a labour of love. I’m going to have to prioritise that.

Thirdly, cinemas are shutting again and the streaming services are running out of new movies, so there’s less for me to review. Ditto for the TV networks and TV itself.

And lastly, I have less time to watch TV and movies, since again, I’ve not got two hours of commute time every day any more. And as we found during the previous lockdown, it’s actually damn hard to focus on new things, rather than on comfort food viewing.

So what next?

All of which adds up to… something. At the very least, no potted news summary every day. Which is sad because I’ve been doing it for about a decade – in fact for so long, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t do it or even when I actually started doing it. But it is what it is.

As for everything else, I’m going to try to keep doing something. I might end up doing a semi-daily Covideodrome and turn TMINE into a film review blog, based on films that are already out there. I might turn ‘what have you been watching?’ into just that: what have you been watching.

I hope to continue the events coverage – assuming there are any events to cover – as well as What Time, TMINE? I might even simply post news to TMINE’s Facebook page as I get it, rather than trying to sum it up every morning. Then there’ll still be a TMINE news service.

It’s all a bit nebulous and up in the air. And who knows? I might end up with oodles of time and new things to review if the entire economy implodes. These are unprecedented times, so who can predict what’s going to happen or work out what the new normal is going to be?

But TMINE will continue in some form or other. I just hope it’s a journey that you’ll all want to go on with me – or that you’ll be back for more once we can get our COVID vaccinations with our daily Starbucks.

Bill and Ted Face the Music

On TMINE this week…

Blimey. It’s nearly October. How did that happen?

Things were a bit quiet on TMINE last week, owing to a surprising bucketload of work that landed in my lap, resulting in the usual schedule ending up in a dumpster somewhere.

So this is just to reassure you all I’m still alive and to let you know what you can expect this week. Just in case you were worried.

Some time either today or tomorrow I’m going to be reviewing all of season 5 of Le Bureau des Légendes (The Bureau), since I have now managed to watch all of it. I’m hoping to have the schedule for the BFI’s forthcoming Play for Today season, as well as all the latest BAFTA and RTS events as well, and any new TV shows I’ve spotted in Talking Pictures’ schedules.

Wednesday will bring What Have You Been Watching?, will include the usual regulars as well as Fox (US)’s Filthy Rich, maybe Amazon’s Utopia Netflix’s Criminal: UK as well as anything else that happens to be on in the next couple of days.

Orange Thursday will have reviews of both Bill and Ted Face the Music (2020) and Enola Holmes (2020), and Friday will have more What Time, TMINE?

And then it’ll be the weekend. Woo hoo!


On TMINE this week…

Well hello. How are you all? I hope you had as good an August break as I did and are already enjoying September.

TMINE returned last week with something of a soft relaunch. Just News, because after nearly a month off, my work backlog was something huge. Plus there wasn’t that much TV to talk about.

But things are nearly back to manageable levels now, and so now it’s time to handle TMINE’s backlog. Hopefully, today (or maybe) tomorrow, WHYBW will return so we can talk about all the lovely tele we’ve been watching (or not) for the past month.

After that, there’ll be the usual round-ups of BAFTA, RTS and BFI events (what there are) this month and next. With cinemas back, Covideodrome is being mothballed in favour of Orange Thursday, which will return on (you guessed it) Thursday with Tenet (2020) and one other movie from the various ones I’ve seen in the past month.

Lastly, Friday will bring all the premiere dates for imported TV shows.

August didn’t have a huge selection of TV, mind, and TBH, since I’m still not commuting anywhere for work, I still don’t have the time I’d like to watch TV, so I’m drawing the usual line in the sand for shows that started in my absence. But from now on, if it’s new, I’ll try to watch and review it.

TTFN – and happy viewing!


TMINE is now on holiday

It’s that time again. August is nearly upon us – the time when TMINE goes on its usual holidays.

Exact it’s not usual, is it, right now? So I don’t get to go to Greece this year.


However, I am in desperate need of a break so by hook or by crook, I will… have one. It’s going to be a bit of a stacation/domestic tour of the UK for at least the next three weeks, perhaps even longer.

Which means it is business as usual, in that there won’t be any TMINE until the end of August, I suspect. I might do a review or two and I’ll be lurking in the comments sections to chat, but that’s probably it. Given there aren’t going to be that many new shows over August anyway, all I’ll probably end up watching are the regulars, Umbrella Academy and Hornblower anyway.

So enjoy August and TV without me. By the time TMINE comes back, films will have returned to cinemas, TV productions will have restarted, and hopefully we’ll have something like media normality restored.

And I hope you all manage to have holidays yourselves.