Beck, Baptiste renewed; Alex Cross, Mango Street adaptations; + more

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US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • ABC green lights: pilot of ensemble family fine dining Harlem restaurant drama Harlem’s Kitchen
  • NBC green lights: pilots of African-American family legacy drama At That Age and time-travelling murder-prevention drama Echo
  • Gaumont developing: adaptation of Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street

New US TV show casting

68 Whiskey

On TMINE this week…

Catch up is now officially over! Following today’s round-up of all of January’s new shows so far – beyond Party of Five (US: Freeform), which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow or Wednesday – the decks are clear and we’re ready to look forward to whatever new shows come our way.

What to look forward to this week

Bonus material

Medical Police (Netflix) and AJ and the Queen (Netflix) might get a gander from me at some point, but I’m not sure. HBO’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider has already started, so I’ll definitely be giving that a watch. 68 Whiskey, Paramount (US)’s adaptation of Israeli show Charlie Golf One, starts on Wednesday so I’ll catch that, too.

Jojo Rabbit
Jojo Rabbit (2019)

The regulars

I will, of course, also be serving you up the usual treats this week, including the Daily News on weekdays, some TV events from the BBC, BAFTA and/or RTS tomorrow, and the latest acquisitions and premiere dates on Friday.

What Have You Been Watching? will be watching the remaining regulars, which are basically now just Evil and Stumptown, as well as Messiah.

And on Thursday, Orange Thursday will be talking about Jojo Rabbit (2019) and Yesterday (2019).

Tune in for the fun!

The Gloaming

On TMINE this week…

Hello and welcome to 2020. Assuming you’ve survived the Kaiju…

…the invasion of time-repeating insects…

… and fire-breathing dragons…

…and aren’t simply watching boxing robots on pay per view…

…you’ll be raring to watch (and hopefully read about) some good TV. Hopefully, you’ve come to the right place then.

Since TMINE has been feasting itself on vegan Christmas alternatives for the past two weeks – and if you think you can’t get fat on vegan food, think again – don’t be surprised to hear that a lot of TV has been watched at the same time. As a result, and given the general quietness of January work-wise, the TMINE reviewing schedule is going to be quite jam-packed this week…

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Krampus in Der Pass

It’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for: it’s the TMINE Top N programmes of 2019!

As usual at this time of year, TMINE is busily packing its bags to get ready for its annual Christmas break. We’re not there yet, though, as everything will continue until Thursday at least, although I have a Christmas party to go to on Friday so who knows what’ll happen then?

However, barring minor miracles, there’ll be no more shows that are both new and excellent for me to review this year, which means I can at last unveil TMINE’s Top N programmes of 2019, where N is a positive integer that you can guess, if you want. You haven’t got long. Just a few paragraphs in fact.

Here are previous years’ Top Ns:

I will say at this point, though, that despite the expansion in streaming services this year, N<14 for 2019. And for about the first half of the year, it looked like it wouldn’t be more than a handful. However, things have perked up since.

That’s all the clues you’re getting, mind.

There are other TV shows

As always, the caveat:

I’ve not watched every TV programme broadcast or acquired in the UK this year and I barely watched any live TV, so there are almost certainly some good shows that that I’ve left off the list. And, of course, there are a few shows that started well but I’ve not finished yet, so aren’t eligible for the list.

So best not to think of this as the definitive “Best new TV shows from all the shows that have aired around the world of 2019”, so much as just the “Top TV shows I would recommend to a friend of the ones I’ve reviewed in 2019”.

Old stuff is good

I should also point out that this is all the new shows that have hit TMINE’s TV-viewing radar this year, and it’s worth remembering that sometimes the best TV can come from people who have already been making great TV.

So honourable mentions for the following ineligible shows that have continued to provide me with considerable viewing pleasure this year:

  • Le bureau des légendes (The Bureau) (France: Canal+; UK: Sundance TV) – seasons three and four
  • Dark (Netflix) – season two
  • Engrenages (Spiral) (France: Canal+; UK: BBC Four) – season eight
  • Impulse (YouTube) – season two
  • Legion (US: FX; UK: Fox UK) – season three

Drum roll, please

But now, to the Top N of 2019. As always, feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments, on your own blog or on the TMINE Facebook page.

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False Flag - season 2

TMINE’s August schedule

Hello, gentle reader! TMINE is back from its August break and raring for action. The Daily News has already made its presence felt, like John the Baptist to the rest of TMINE’s Christ-like output, and will be returning to the usual weekday schedule forthwith (except next Monday, cos it’s a bank holiday).

But we’re not quite back to normal, because I’m still playing catch-up with my TV viewing. Plus I seem to have a stupid amount of work to deal with all of a sudden, so I’ve got to find the time to write everything!

So here’s a glimpse of the either action-packed or slightly reduced TMINE schedule for the rest of the month – delete as appropriate according to how much time I find I have.

Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw

This week

This week, though, you can expect the usual Tuesday BAFTA events write-up. WHYBW will be here on Wednesday, but it’ll be primarily for you to talk about what you’ve been watching (hence the title), since I’ve not seen any of the regulars in the viewing queue. However, I have tried the first episodes of a few new shows, including The Boys, Another Life and Crashing, so might pass comment on them. And I hope that next week’s WHYBW will feature all the episodes of the regulars that have aired: Perpetual Grace LTD, Swamp Thing, Legion and Departure, as well as the second season of False Flag.

Orange Thursday should be on this week, since I’m off to see Hobbs and Shaw tonight, but as of yet, I’ve not got a second movie planned. However, next week’s Orange Thursday will cover two Netflix movies: Point Blank and The Red Sea Diving Resort.

And Friday will see the return of What time, TMINE?, to regale you with the latest premiere dates and acquisition news.

I might also crowbar in a BFI write-up for September’s schedule.



Before my holidays, I did promise I’d try to get through a big chunk of boxsets, and surprisingly I have. I didn’t get through any of 4 Blocks or Strange Report, unfortunately, but I managed to watch seasons three and four of Le Bureau Des Légendes.

On top of that, I also watched all of Netflix’s Wu Assassins and am halfway through season two of Mindhunter. I also have every intention of watching season 3 of GLOW at some point.

Exactly when I’ll be reviewing them, though, I haven’t quite worked out. Let’s just roll with it for now.

Righteous Gemstones
The Righteous Gemstones

New shows

There’s been a decent release of new shows over the past month, from Australia’s Les Norton through to the US’s The Righteous Gemstones, with more to come. For the most part, the usual TMINE “If it starts in August, I won’t be reviewing it” rule will apply.

However, I’m going to try to preview Showtime (US)’s On Becoming A God In Central Florida, and since Epix (US)’s Pennyworth came out the day before I went on holiday, I’m going to try to catch up with it at some point.

Amazon’s Carnival Row starts on Friday, but is apparently pretty dull, so I might steer clear of it. Or I might do the first episode in next week WHYBW. Again, let’s see what I can get through – and how much time I have over the bank holiday weekend.

That’s the plan – let’s so how well it stands up to its encounter with the enemy: time itself!