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  • France 3 green lights: murder-mystery telefilm Le canal des secrets (The Canal of Secrets), with Annelise Hesme, Aurélien Wilk et al


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New US TV show casting

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What (more) TV’s on at BAFTA in April? Including Mum

Every Tuesday, TMINE flags up what new TV events BAFTA is holding around the UK

And another new one for April, following on from last week’s addition to the timetable.

TV Preview: Mum

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 – 6:45pm
Princess Anne Theatre, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN

A preview of the third series of the BAFTA-winning BBC comedy followed by a Q+A with the creative team.

In the final series of Mum, Cathy and her family decamp to the English countryside to celebrate Derek’s birthday. Each episode observes a different day of the week, from their arrival on the Monday to the party on Saturday, as Cathy takes a final step towards her future.

Written and directed by Stefan Golaszewski and starring Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan.

We will be screening the first two episodes.

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