The most bizarre thing about Deal or No Deal

I don’t get Deal or No Deal. We know this already. It’s opening boxes at random. WTF? That’s a TV show?

But of all the bizarre things about Deal or No Deal, this is the most bizarre: Noel Edmonds has given himself RSI from picking up the phone to the banker.


Next season on House

The finale of House hasn’t aired on Five yet, although you can read my potted, spoiler-free review if you’d like. But bookmark this blog entry for the day it does. If you’re confused after you’ve seen it, writer and House creator David Shore has given an explanation for the events at the New Jersey Star Ledger and discusses some of the plans for the start of the next season. They sound promising.

Incidentally, did you know that pretending to use a cane while filming 22 episodes of a TV show each year can be quite painful? Hugh Laurie’s shoulder is more than a little bit sore now and they fixed Kerry Weaver’s hip on ER because it was hurting Laura Innes so much.


Set the video: Star Trek’s back

Kirk in Star TrekForgot to mention this yesterday. The original series of Star Trek (aka “The good one”) is now airing from the very beginning on the SciFi channel at 7pm (8pm on SciFi+1). Glory in the marvellous “Wagon Train to the stars” that was, free from technobabble and the requirements of political correctness that made 95% of ST:TNG such a snoozefest.

Out of this world.

Top of the Pops put out to pasture

You almost certainly didn’t hear it here first, but Top of the Pops has been cancelled. It’s always sad to see old regulars go, but it had had a good life and it needed a rest.

It can always come back later as a retro thing. Wouldn’t you just love to see DLT or Peter Powell introing hit acts from the 70s and 80s making a comeback again?

Hell, while we’re about it, bring back the Golden Oldie Picture Show. I’m sure there’s a few songs out now that could have better videos done on the cheap for them by the Beeb.

UPDATE: DLT has just signed up with radio station Magic.


William Fichtner joins Prison Break

William FichtnerGood old William Fichtner. He’s survived a lot of rubbish in his time, mainly through being a good actor. He managed to make a whole episode of the dire fifth season of The West Wing watchable. He’s been a high-point of various series and movies, including the never-seen-in-the-UK series MDs, which co-starred John Hannah, and the I-wish-it-had-never-been-seen-in-the-UK movie Armageddon.

Lately, though he’s been reduced to being creepy in Invasion. As we all know, that’s now been cancelled, the moral of the story being never star in sci-fi shows written by former members of The Partridge Family who also happened to play little Joe Hardy of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fame (I’m not saying it’s an easily generalisable moral). What a shame.

But the good news is that now that show’s over, he’s free to appear as Prison Break’s equivalent of Lieutenant Gerard. He’s the one with the unenviable task of chasing Michael “I have a cunning plan” Schofield and the other prisoners through Dallas (yes, season two’s being shot in Dallas instead of Chicago – where will all that snow go?).

EquilibriumIncidentally, that move reunites him with Dominic Purcell, who plays Michael’s brother Lincoln, since they both appeared in the Christian Bale Matrix-a-like flick Equilibrium, a film that knows its audience so well, it actually had a “view fight scenes only” option on the DVD. Cracking scenes they were, too, since an entire new martial art, “gun kata”, was invented for the movie, but all the same…