Studio 60 trailer

Want to see a great big trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s new project? It’s got Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford and other exciting people in it… Go on. You know you want to.

Okay. Here you go (thanks TV Squad!)


BBC planned to turn itself into Italian TV for charity

From today’s Times (and other papers):

Poles apart

The BBC has scrapped plans for a celebrity pole dancing show after protests from women’s groups. Zoë Ball, Natasha Kaplinsky and Fiona Phillips had been linked with the one-off programme for Sport Relief. The Poppy Project, a women’s support group, said that pole dancing exploited women.

Nothing like pole dancing for charity, is there? Insert punchline as to what next year’s “but it’s all in a good cause” idea will be…


Christopher Eccleston his own worst enemy

Christopher Eccleston in Doctor WhoWe all heard the news that Christopher Eccleston may be starring in the forthcoming remake of The Prisoner. Now The Independents Pandora reports that CE may have had a bust-up with the producers and Sky are getting cold feet.

“Christopher did contact Granada earlier this year, when talks about the project began,” they say. “But since the casting process has only just begun, we are also looking elsewhere.”

Quelle surprise. Odd that he should have initiated contact with the producers, as he did with Doctor Who, and then mess everything up himself (assuming Pandora’s right). But it seems that if there’s a way to sabotage his own career, Eccleston will find it every time. Let’s hope he can pull himself together again and get back into the game.


BBC Four: Now comes with a bottle of Night Nurse aka A for Andromeda’s ‘Face of the Tiger’

Having trouble getting to sleep on a Saturday night? Well happy happy joy joy, this Saturday coming sees not only a repeat of the stupefyingly dull remake of A for Andromeda, there’s now the glorious chance to watch the only remaining episode of the original series, The Face of the Tiger, at the reassuringly late time of 10.40pm. Now, remember that the oh-so-dull remake clocked in at only 90 minutes. This is episode six and runs at 40 minutes. Oh my. Can’t wait.