More scripts for Studio 60, but its fate hangs in the balance

NBC has ordered up three more scripts for Studio 60, but NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly has admitted he’s keeping a close eye on the show – as well as on Friday Night Lights and 20 Good Years (which has been yanked from the schedules until next year).

Meanwhile, ABC has ordered four more scripts for each of The Nine, Help Me Help You and Men in Trees.


The difference between US and UK soap operas

We all know UK and US soap operas are different – if only because of Dallas and Dynasty in the 80s. US soap operas are glossy affairs, while UK soap operas tend to be miserable and down-to-earth (fill in exceptions at your leisure). But there are more differences than that. Don’t believe me? One US soap opera is going to get an honest-to-goodness superhero, thanks to co-operation from Marvel Comics.

Seriously. Guiding Light‘s ‘Harley Davidson Cooper’ will be given the powers of levitation and the ability to conduct electricity.

Now that, my friends, is different.