Jeff Goldblum angling for his own TV show

I like Jeff Goldblum. If my life were interesting enough to be turned into a movie, he’s the actor I’d like to play me. But a Medium/Ghost Whisperer cop show knock-off? I wouldn’t watch that without a very, very good reason. Jeff, you can do a lot better than that.

Incidentally, the SciFi Channel should probably try running its headlines past a proofreader. At the moment, poor old Jeff is coming across like an Austin Powers villain.


Pub Landlord gets his own US show

Al Murray’s travelling across the Atlantic to star in his own comedy pilot Union Jackass for Fox, according to Variety. He’s basically going to play the Pub Landlord again, but this time relocated to Santa Monica as he follows his ex-wife and son.

It could be good. It could be bad. Murray’s Landlord-based shows have never quite matched the wit of his stand-up performance, which relies a lot on the audience knowing the unwritten rules of pub culture and laughing as they’re actually spelt out by someone. The Landlord’s bigotry runs a risk of either being watered down or just being offensive in a US setting.

It’s clear, also, that this isn’t really another British invasion – the only invasion of the US we’re mounting at the moment is a format invasion, in which the US just buys the ideas behind our programmes rather than the programmes themselves. Instead, this is really just Fox looking for a new Al Bundy or its own version of CBS’s King of Queens and the various other “beautiful wife, slobby working class husband” sitcoms that are in vogue (well, just passing vogue) at the moment.

There is another advantage to importing your fall guys. Is there anything quite as funny as laughing at the backwardness of other countries? You can enjoy the nastiness while simultaneously looking down on the uncivilised foreigner and pretending to be above it all. That, after all, is one of the reasons for the success of Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen’s other alter-ego.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s going to be interesting…


New Baywatch movie in the works. Boy does it sound good.

How about this concept for a new Baywatch movie that’s (allegedly) in the works?

‘Baywatch’ creator David Hasselhoff has revealed the new film will include crime-fighting lifeguards. He said: “It will be set in different locations around the world. There will be lifeguards who are also sent on crime-busting sprees.”

That’s clearly what any sane government would do, faced with increasing crime in society: hire more lifeguards.


Film Four to go free

No mention of when it’s going to happen, but the Media Guardian is reporting that Film Four is finally to do the sensible thing and become a free-to-view channel. Given its tiny subscriber base, the news isn’t wholly surprising.

Film Four is a channel that in theory, is great. Yet it never was in practice. I, for one, should have been one of its obvious targets, but frankly, I could never justify the cost, given that whenever I looked at its listings, there was never anything on I wanted to watch. There should have been, but there wasn’t.

I might have been happy with it as pay-per-view so that I could watch the occasional movie of interest as it floated by, but free sounds even better. I hope the move is as much a success as the shift of E4’s sales model was.

UPDATE: Broadcast Now says Film Four will be free to view in July.