Vet bills not so Charmed

I love animals. But does love have a price? Would you spend $150,000 on vet bills for your Boston terrier, like Rose McGowan off Charmed?

That’s one seriously poorly dog. Either that, or they’re using gold stitches and Evian water for all the operations.


Need a Doctor Who fix but can’t wait until April 15?


Two weeks until the new series of Doctor Who: let the compulsions commence. How will everyone cope until then? Well, the first of the TARDISodes is now available, you lucky people. This one you can view for free online, but the normal ones cost 10-15p. No DT in this one, but both he and Billie will appear in the later ones.

This one seemed quite short. Wonder if that’s the normal length or as much as the Beeb are willing to give away for free for now.


Jess gets her own series. Good news? Bad news? I don’t know

I’m not sure whether my heart should be warmed or chilled by the news that Jess the cat from Postman Pat is to get her own show.

On the surface, “Ah! How sweet! Cats!”

Underneath, the terrible fact it’s going to be computer-generated.

In the wake of the terrible Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin debacle, can we assume there’s some new international school of soul-removal that children’s TV executives are being sent to?