One British network gets vodcasts

History Channel vodcastAll the talk of late (at least, among certain groups of people. Probably not in Tescos though) has been about podcasts and how great they are. Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Lost and others have all got their own variants. But despite being about tele, few of the regulars have embraced video podcasts (aka vodcasts), with only Lost producing a vodcast and that was a one-off.

One network has gone further though. The History Channel. Weird, huh? The ubiquitous Adam Hart-Davis* has put together four vodcasts to accompany his show, How London Was Built, that give you a guided tour of London. You can either watch them online or download them to your MP3 player (aka iPod) and watch them as you tour the streets of London. How useful’s that, history buffs?

* To be fair, he’s ubiquitous because he’s very good.


The Loop gets cut

The cast of The Loop The Loop, which I rather liked but which hasn’t yet set the world on fire, is still coming back for a second season in 2007. However, Fox has cut its episode count from 13 to 10. Apparently, they’ve already got enough returning shows that they don’t need the extra three.

As I mentioned in my review of it, the work side of our hero’s life was far funnier than his home life and Fox has taken note, asking the creators to focus on the work side of things – something that might produce a cast cull. Hopefully, it’ll also produce a funnier show, although it was pretty funny to start with.

In case, UK viewers, you’re worried if you’ll ever see it, be glad to hear that Trouble TV has picked it up. Joy, huh? It’s now officially teenage TV.

Sectarian violence starts tomorrow, thanks to MTV Dance

Ofcom has been investigating a few complaints again. For some reason, The Baby Mind Reader was given the all-clear, despite being obvious rubbish. Maybe the fact it was on Five lowered their standards a little.

But more interesting is the complaint against MTV Dance. This, apparently, has been letting some dodgy text messages get through, unvetted, from viewers.

One complaint was received after “all u Fenons [Fenians] out there – die” was shown on screen. The complainant also noted that there had been references to Bobby Sands and the UDA.

So the first thing of interest is that the moderators would have stopped this if they’d known what Fenons meant. Yet they let it through because they thought it was just a regular message of death. Okay…

But why exactly are those little scamps using MTV Dance as a conduit for political propaganda, do you think?


Weekend Who and Torchwood news

Robot Santas

Doctor Who and Torchwood stuff from the weekend:

  1. Cardiff council’s TARDIS flower display is to appear at the Chelsea Flower Show.
  2. John Barrowman’s named the day and place where he’s getting married: surprise, surprise, it’s the St David’s Hotel and Spa.
  3. The time slot for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, The Runaway Bride, is going to be announced today. More importantly, the Beeb has confirmed that plans for series four are now underway, the 2007 Annual is going to be more popular than The Beano’s, and retailers have sold out of the Cyberman voice-changing mask.
  4. There’s still been no confirmation of a second season for Torchwood, according to John Barrowman. But Captain Jack will be in three of the four final episodes of the next series of Doctor Who. Barrowman also admits Captain Jack’s personality changes according to which show he’s in…