West Wing retrospective

With the finale coming soon (get your tickets for the trivia quiz now!), it seems a fine time to read this old Hollywood Reporter article, looking over the last seven seasons of The West Wing. It’s an enjoyable little piece, with more focus given to the behind-the-scenes issues than the stories themselves, and features interviews with John Wells among others.


David Tennant, West Wing fan: apply for tickets to see him take the trivia challenge

David Tennant in CasanovaJust got this through the email. Thought some regular readers might appreciate the bit in bold:



The enormously popular E4 US import ‘The West Wing’ is coming to an end soon and the channel are bidding it a fond farewell with a special ‘West Wing Quiz’. Rory Bremner will be hosting as two panels of celebrity fans of the show (including Dr Who’s David Tennant) pitting their knowledge of the show against each other, for a night of light-hearted competition and fun.

The show will be taped on 7pm on 4th July in Teddington Studios, TW11 9NT (approx 30 mins train ride from Waterloo).

If you’d like to join us for this rather special night, booking is now open, so do apply quickly!

If you would like to join us for this event, then you may apply for tickets by calling 020 8684 3333 or by replying to this email stating your postcode and the number of tickets require. You may alternatively apply online at http://www.sroaudiences.com where you’ll find details of all the shows for which we are booking. Tickets for all of our shows are FREE.


What to do if your pilot isn’t picked up…

…post it to YouTube. Nobody’s Watching is from the writers of Family Guy and Scrubs. It didn’t get picked up by the US networks, probably because The WB got merged with UPN into The CW and there were enough shows to go around already at that point. But they’ve posted the whole thing to YouTube anyway so you can watch the unaired pilot. It’s in three chunks, because of YouTube’s 10 minute video limit, but it’s watchable all the same.


Alan Sugar regenerates into Greg Dyke

Greg DykeChannel 4 have a new Apprentice-style show coming out soon. In Get Me The Producer, Greg “Not at all bitter about the Hutton Report” Dyke will oversee the antics of two teams of TV producers, who will compete to get a lucrative TV production contract. Each week, the teams will have to make a different genre TV show, with Dykey firing the worst-performing candidate at the end of it. No doubt he’ll pick whichever producer drinks the fewest low-fat lattes and talks the least about synergies, brand extension and “the viewer’s journey”.