Sherlock Holmes spin-off coming to BBC1

The Baker Street BoysJonathan Pryce is to star as Sherlock Holmes in a Sunday afternoon drama on the Beeb. However, the show won’t focus on Holmes: instead, it’ll be looking at his Baker Street irregulars, a gang of urchins who helped him find out information.

Good news: It also stars Bill Paterson, Anna Chancellor and Michael Maloney

Bad news: it’s being adapted by Robin Hood co-writers Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle

Sounds to me terribly reminiscent of The Baker Street Boys, an early 80s Beeb drama that Richard Carpenter (Robin of Sherwood‘s creator) and Anthony Read put together. Is there something about Robin Hood that makes people want to write about other gangs from classic fiction?


Prison Break not going for strung-out plotlines

Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring has promised that all the ongoing plots in the series will be concluded by the end of this season. They haven’t yet started working on season three plots, but if they do, it’s unlikely he’ll be involved. “If I were to say the show’s over [after season two], Fox would say… we’ll have someone else run the show. That could happen.”

How refreshing: a series with a serial plotline that actually intends to finish inside of two seasons.


New superhero series for SciFi

Kristanna LokenKristanna Loken, best known as the female terminator from Terminator 3 but also Bloodrayne in Dr Uwe Boll‘s Bloodrayne, is to jump back to television for a new SciFi series, Painkiller Jane. Commissioned for 22 episodes that will air in Spring, Painkiller Jane will follow “a DEA agent recruited by a covert government organisation tasked with capturing genetically enhanced individuals. When she discovers that she has her own set of powers – she’s impervious to injury, but not pain – Jane begins to search for what caused her transformation and her own connection to the people she pursues.”

Now that sounds like quality, doesn’t it?