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A Who event up North

Most of my Who event news is London-oriented. I’m a Londoner. It’s the only important place in the world (except Wales, of course). But as a concession, here’s a piece of news for Northern Who fans.

This is Lancashire reports that Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Eugene Washington (from School Reunion), K9 and writer Bob Baker will be at Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Paradise Rooms on Saturday, July 8. Visitors will also be able to see the final episode of the current series, Doomsday, on a big screen. As if that weren’t exciting enough…:

Organisers The Who Shop, a London-based retailer of Doctor Who memorabilia, promise mystery guests, exclusive merchandise stalls, interviews and, most intriguingly of all, a world exclusive announcement.

Tickets, including a sit-down buffet meal, are priced at £25 and the event begins at 5pm. Contact The Who Shop on 020 8471 2356 or visit for more details.

No DT, I’m afraid, but at least you’ll have something Who-y to do now.


Bravo picks up The Unit and Blade

Dennis Haybert: the coolest man alive Good news for Dennis Haysbert fans in the UK. The Unit (about which I have written reasonably extensively) has been picked up by Bravo as a replacement for the now-dead Alias. No word on when it will air, but that’s good news all the same, even if it is Bravo.

Also being added to the mix is the TV version of the Blade movies, unsurprisingly called Blade. This has had reasonably poor reviews in the US, so may not be such a great addition to the Bravo line-up. But you’ll be able to see my review of it some time over the next couple of days, I hope, so I’ll be able to let you know if those crazy critics are right or wrong.

BFI events

NFT’s got some TV classics next month

The remake may have been rubbish, as was the sequel and… erm, those clips from the final episode that were around for years, but A for Andromeda is getting a massive amount of attention next month.

Julie Christie as Andromeda in A for AndromedaThe one remaining 1961 A for Andromeda episode, which only got handed back to the Beeb this year, is getting an airing at the NFT on the 10th. This special event will also feature appearances by members of the cast and crew. As if that weren’t enough, a DVD release that will include all sorts of things, including the remake, the remaining bits of the sequel (probably) and some “intriguing extras”, will be following shortly afterwards, either on the 17th or the 24th. Is there something ‘Andromeda-ish’ about July I should know about?

Adam Adamant Lives!As an aside, following the Andromeda showing at the NFT, there’s another special event, this time featuring Adam Adamant Lives! A “little-seen” episode of the series will be shown and once again, cast and crew will be on hand to reminisce. If you’ve never seen Adam Adamant, I’ll just say it’s an acquired taste: watch one episode and you’ve seen them all more or less, but it’s kind of fun to see Gerald Harper prance about as an Edwardian adventurer who’s frozen in ice and wakes up in the 1960s. I’m not sure if Harper is going, but if he is, I’m not sure I’ll have the nerve to ask him how he managed to go out with Sarah Alexander for so long. Honestly, I’m not making this stuff up! She really did (scroll down to the bottom). If you can’t go to the event, you can always buy the DVD.

There’s supposed to be a bundle deal if you buy tickets to both events, although I couldn’t find the option on the site. I’m hoping they’ll only charge me the bundle price (yes, I’ve booked already). Maybe you have to phone to get the discount price? Oh well.

If you’d rather watch something a bit more serious and a bit less fantastic, also showing at the T (not sure that’s going to catch on, but I’ll give it a try) in July are some Armchair Theatre plays, with producer Leonard White coming along to reminisce, too. Should be well worth it.


Billie’s reason for leaving

Again, assuming it’s all not some elaborate bluff, thanks to the Radio Times (via Entertainmentwise), we learn why Billie Piper’s leaving Doctor Who:

The longer I stayed, the more scared I’d be of leaving because it’s so comfortable and nice. I’m utterly grateful for the whole experience but you have to take care of yourself and do what you feel it right.

Okay. Not much of an explanation, but I suspect that’s the best we’ll get until her autobiography comes out. She’s 23 and she’s writing it now. At that age, my autobiography would have filled a couple of those notepads you find in hotel rooms.