I know how to pick ’em

Heist, which I said not too long ago wasn’t “half bad”, has just been cancelled after only four episodes. It was up against Lost, though, so no real surprise there. Plus the latest couple of episodes weren’t very good. Oh well.


Trying to get on The F Word again

My last attempt to get into The F Word audience ended with no success. But they’ve started signing up again for the new series so I’ve added my name to the list for tickets. Fingers crossed, hey?

However, this time, instead of ‘journalist’ as my profession, I’ve put down ‘writer’. Maybe that’ll go down better. It works for all those Guardian journalists when they do those Channel 4 list shows.

Then again, I’ve been honest and listed the shows that I’ve been to see recorded: Absolutely, Time Gentlemen Please and Two Pints of Lager. Do they sound like Gordon’s kind of shows? Think they might reckon I’m too lowbrow or have no pallet? It’s not like I ever order lager and crisps…

I actually left out my losing appearance on Either/Or (in which I was eventually insulted by an opera singer), but technically I wasn’t watching it being recorded, I was being recorded. Do you think that makes a difference?

PS Incidentally, according to the mail out I got sent “Vegetarians need not apply” for F Word tickets…


Need a Doctor Who fix but can’t wait until April 15?


Two weeks until the new series of Doctor Who: let the compulsions commence. How will everyone cope until then? Well, the first of the TARDISodes is now available, you lucky people. This one you can view for free online, but the normal ones cost 10-15p. No DT in this one, but both he and Billie will appear in the later ones.

This one seemed quite short. Wonder if that’s the normal length or as much as the Beeb are willing to give away for free for now.