Rullsenberg’s investigations uncover Primeval information

A nice bit of investigation by Ms Rullsenberg has unveiled some news about a forthcoming time travel series starring a certain Scottish actor. No, not that one. Primeval.


Classic Who back on UK Gold (and SciFi)

Bit of a Who theme to the blog this week, but for UK fans of the classic/old series, it’s a good “set your video” weekend coming up. SciFi is showing the movie Doctor Who and The Daleks at 8.25pm (VIDEO Plus+: 86853041), which featured Peter Cushing as an alternative version of William Hartnell’s first Doctor; on Sunday, the TV movie is on UK Gold at 10.10am (VIDEO Plus+: 26553349) – that’s eighth Doctor Paul McGann’s only outing in the role on TV.

Repeats of the series proper kick off on Wednesday 1st in no particular order with Genesis of the Daleks (VIDEO Plus+: 3097401) from Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, at 7.25am, Colony in Space (VIDEO Plus+: 72345520) at 7.20am on Saturday and Spearhead from Space (VIDEO Plus+: 98352394) on Sunday at 7am. The latter two are third Doctor stories, Spearhead being Pertwee’s first in the role.

Enjoy, assuming you’re in the UK, have access to UK Gold and haven’t already seen them. And you get up early or can be bothered to set the vid.

Quantum Leap: The Third

In August, NBC decided they’d really like a new version of Quantum Leap and commissioned a pilot: “The story revolves around a man who travels back in time to correct wrongs, with a romantic storyline as well.”

Well, Quantum Leap seems to have taken a grip on US networks. Now The CW has put into development Jumper, a show in “a young male FBI agent… jumps into the body of someone who’s about to be murdered. He must then solve the crime (along with his young female partner) and prevent it before it happens.”

Dear oh dear.

William Petersen’s (temporary) CSI replacement

Liev SchreiberA while back, I mentioned that William Petersen was off to do some theatre for a while and so would be departing the CSI cast temporarily. I won’t spoil you with the story reasons for Grissom’s departure, but I will tell you who his replacement his going to be: Liev Schreiber. More details over at Auriello.

What do you think? I think he’s a good choice. He has the right degree of introversion and intellect for the mothership CSI. If it were CSI: Miami, that would be a different matter…