H&M=S&M. Well, S anyway.

I found the longest 10 minutes of my life tonight. They were hidden between 6.40pm and 6.50pm at Greenwich filmworks. Who’d have thought it?
I’d gone to see Serenity but found anything but (do you like what I did there?). Serenity itself was nice enough, although I felt like I’d walked in during act three of a play and all the good stuff had already happened. The first two acts must have been good, because the audience at the back were snivelling away like nobody’s business by the end. Clearly, they knew something I didn’t.
No, the particular problem I had was with an advert: H&M’s Romeo & Juliet. Not only was it awful, a “romantic”, musical jeans advert based around drive-by shootings (!), it just went on forever. A few minutes in, people were gnawing their own legs off for relief. When it finished, there were audible sighs of relief and bemusement something that bad had been foisted on us.
A Google search reveals that not only is this ad reviled around the world, it has been hastily dropped in Canada. It’s even caused people who previously liked the company, to despise them.
Yes, friends, it really is that bad. If you go to see Serenity, sneak in after the ads if you can.


Why no Teardrop for House?

What’s the theme tune to House? A simple question, you might think, but it has two answers. In the US and Canada, it’s Teardrop by Massive Attack (also available in the iTunes Music Store). Yet in the UK and Australia, to name but two overseas markets, the theme is an original piece, written by theme composers.

Why? I imagine licensing issues are the heart of the problem, but did Massive Attack refuse to license their music outside North America or did they simply ask for too much?

I’ll try to find out…