Today’s Joanna Page: Nativity 2 with David Tennant

Finally, it’s happened: David Tennant and Joanna Page are working together. Will the blog be able to cope? I think it’s having a lie down at the moment.

Anyway, the project in question is Nativity 2, a sequel to – you guessed it – Nativity. In this movie, David Tennant plays not one but two roles – as a teacher, Mr Peterson, and his twin brother – with Joanna Page playing his wife. Being Nativity 2, she’s pregnant, as she is in real life, and for another real-world tie-in, it’s going to be in UK cinemas on November 23, the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who.

Here’s the trailer: you may notice that he’s got his normal Scottish accent in this… I think the blog might have to go and have another lie down.



Monday’s Piano reunion news


  • Ridley Scott working on Blade Runner sequel

British TV



Friday’s “TMINE gods together at last” news

The Three Stooges

Doctor Who


  • Anne Hathaway to produce and star in Three Days of the Condor-esque Puzzler
  • Sequel planned for Dumb and Dumber
  • Alice Cooper joins Dark Shadows
  • New Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol promo
  • Sean Penn to direct Robert de Niro and Kristen Wiig in The Comedian
  • David Tennant, Joanna Page and Sheridan Smith start shooting Nativity 2 [subscription required]


British TV

Canadian TV


Today's Joanna Page

Random Acts: Scarlett Johansson sings, Evan Rachel Wood loses a tooth, Amber Heard de-butches lesbians and Joanna Page goes doorstepping

Scarlett Johansson drinking champagne

So it’s been a very random week for everyone this week. Scarlett Johansson is off drinking champagne with Bollywood stars and petitioning for more screen time in The Avengers so she won’t be a token woman. But she’s also singing duets with LuLu Gainsbourg as well as a virtual Dean Martin.

Meanwhile, not-normally-so-random Evan Rachel Wood has decided to lose a tooth and hit on Amber Heard…

Evan Rachel Wood hits on Amber Heard

…who’s randomly off filming the USO episode of The Playboy Club and de-butching TV lesbians.


Meanwhile, Joanna Page is filming a documentary about romance in sitcoms for UKTV, praising Swansea and turning up on men’s doorsteps with 56-man Welsh voice choirs to offer them holidays in Wales.

She probably wins for randomness this week.