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What have you been watching? Including Dear Murderer, Bang and The Orville

It’s “What have you been watching?”, my chance to tell you each week what movies and TV I’ve been watching recently and your chance to recommend anything you’ve been watching. TMINE recommends has all the reviews of all the TV shows TMINE has ever recommended, but for a complete list of TMINE’s reviews of (good, bad and insipid) TV shows and movies, there’s the definitive TV Reviews A-Z and Film Reviews A-Z. But it’s what you have you been watching? So tell us! Tell us if you want to live

As the temperature outside starts to get colder, things start to hot up again in the world of tele, which means new shows are starting to pop up again on both network TV and Internet TV. Elsewhere, I reviewed the hilarious Get Krack!n (Australia: ABC) while in the new ‘Boxset Monday’, I reviewed Amazon’s Comrade Detective.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m currently four episodes into Sky Atlantic’s slightly bonkers Canadian-set Tim Roth revenge thriller Tin Star, but I’ll Boxset Monday that next week so you’ll have to wait until then to hear my opinion.

There have also been three other new shows in the past week: TVNZ (New Zealand)’s Rake-ish Dear Murderer, S4C (UK)’s bilingual gun drama Bang and Fox (US)’s The Orville. I’ll be covering all of them after the jump, as well as the regulars –  כפולים (False Flag), The Last Ship and the premature season finale of Shooter. See you in a mo.

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False Flag
Israeli TV

Preview: כפולים (False Flag) 1×1 (Israel: Channel 2; UK: Fox UK)

In Israel: Aired on Channel 2 in October 2015
In the UK: Mondays, 9pm, Fox. Starts Monday July 31st

If Israeli TV has a preferred genre, it’s spy shows. Think of Hatufilm (Prisoners of War), פאודה (Fauda) and even the more comedic likes of Mossad 101. No surprise then that with all that practice, it produces some of the world’s best spy shows.

It’s too early for me to say whether Fox’s כפולים (False Flag) is one of the world’s finest spy dramas, but judging by the first episode, it’s certainly up there. Made by Keshet (Prisoners of War) for Israel’s Channel 2 back in 2015 and featuring many faces familiar from its previous shows, the show sees five seemingly ordinary Israeli TV citizens turn on their TVs one morning to see their passports plastered all over the news. Unfortunately for them, the Russian government has fingered them as Mossad agents responsible for the abduction of Iran’s minister of defence.

The show’s big questions are:

  1. Did they do it?
  2. Will people, including their loved ones, believe them when they say they didn’t do it?
  3. How does it affect them?

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Woody Harrelson as LBJ

Friends’ sisters reunited; Old Man Samuel L Jackson; Chris Pine’s TV show; Animal Kingdom, Angie Tribeca, Harlots renewed; + more

The Daily News will return on 4th September. Have a nice August!

Film trailers

Internet TV

  • Trailer for Amazon’s Comrade Detective

French TV

International TV

  • Trailer for AXN’s Absentia with Stana Katic
  • Hulu (US) – and maybe ITV Encore (UK) – renew: Harlots


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

False Flag

When’s that show you mentioned starting again, TMINE? Including כפולים (False Flag), Blood Drive and What Would Diplo Do?

Every Friday, TMINE lets you know the latest announcements about when new, imported TV shows will finally be arriving on UK screens

No fewer than three premiere dates for you this week. First up is Israel’s כפולים (False Flag), which aired on Channel 2 there in 2015 but has now been acquired by Fox UK. An eight-parter created by Amit Cohen and Maria Feldman and inspired by the real-life assassination of a Hamas leader by Mossad agents, it sees five Israeli citizens find themselves implicated in a ruthless kidnapping operation following the disappearance of the Iranian Defence Minister while on a secret visit to Moscow. It stars Ishai Golan, Maggie Azarzar, Ania Bukstein, Angel Bonanni, Orna Salinger and Mickey Leon, and starts 31 July at 9pm.

The less said about the severely awful Blood Drive, the better, but in case my review of the first episode didn’t put you off, it starts 10 August at 10pm.

Lastly, What Would Diplo Do? premieres on Viceland on 18 October at 10pm. Coincidentally, I wrote about that this week, so I won’t repeat myself.

Stana Katic in AXN's Absentia

News: Ordeal By Innocence, Baghdad Central adaptations; 2 new Luke Cage villains; Absentia teaser; + more

Internet TV

  • Mustafa Shakir to play Bushmaster, Gabrielle Dennis to play Nightshade on Netflix’s Marvel’s Luke Cage

International TV

New UK TV shows

  • BBC One green lights: adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By Innocence, by Bill Nighy, Catherine Keener, Matthew Goode et al
  • Channel 4 green lights: adaptation of Elliott Colla’s crime thriller Baghdad Central


US TV show casting

New US TV show casting