Review: Sex and the City

Sex and the City

It’s here. It’s here! After all that waiting, it’s finally here.

Much like the January sales, there are strategies to be used when you’re going to watch something as anticipated as Sex and the City: the movie. Either you wait all night camped outside and then be the first in before everyone else, or you wait until everyone has been crushed under foot and enter at your leisure afterwards.

Which is why I’m sauntering in with a review of Sex and the City over a week after it opened.

What do you mean I shouldn’t be watching this cos I’m a bloke? Watching movies about women is ‘so gay’? Do you want to have a think about that?

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Today's Joanna Page

Today’s Joanna Page: From Hell


Today’s Joanna Page is From Hell, an impressively unpleasant and bad film, which is odd*, given that it was based on a graphic novel by the lovely Alan Moore, stars the equally lovely Johnny Depp and features the very lovely indeed Joanna Page. She plays a former prostitute trying to turn good for the sake of her baby. Which is… nice? Sigh. Where’s Andrea Dworkin when you need her?

* Okay, it’s about Jack the Ripper, so that should have been a clue. What’s the fascination there, by the way? We’re talking about a bloke who was really nasty to women. I’m not really sure he’s worth dwelling on unless you’re a criminal psychologist or a historian…

Film reviews

Review: Leatherheads

There’s a certain amount of false advertising in the trailers for Leatherheads, the new George Clooney/Renée Zellweger movie set in the early days of professional American football. The trailers suggest it’s a rom-com. Yet there’s not much romance and there’s not much comedy.

It has its moments, don’t get me wrong, but ultimately this is a drama, with a touch of comedy and a touch of romance. And it’s a reasonably worthwhile drama, because even if the subject matter isn’t all that interesting, especially for a UK audience, the style of the film and its ‘homage-matter’ will appeal to anyone who’s ever watched an old black and white movie.

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Movies you should own

Movies you should own: The Andromeda Strain

I started "Movies You Should Buy" (now called "Movies You Should Own" because I belatedly realise it rhymes with Alex Cox’s old BBC2 film strand, Moviedrome) with The Satan Bug. Lovely "killer virus" movie that – probably the first. 

But there was a bigger and better "killer virus" film to come, one that marked the end of many of the trends The Satan Bug seemed to start – or at least coincide with.

The title of this movie, which you should definitely own, is now used by virus researchers whenever they want to put a name to their worst nightmare: a virus that they can’t cure but is utterly contagious and can kill anything in a frighteningly short space of time. 

It’s The Andromeda Strain and it’s probably the best, clever-stupid "killer virus" movie ever made.

Here’s the title sequence, complete with scary arse theme tune.

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Movies you should own

Movies you should own: Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel & Laurence

From the 17th March, Film4 are going to have a new range of budget DVD titles. The RRP is £6.99 and the films being released are:

  • The Yards
  • My Beautiful Launderette
  • She’s All That
  • Bostonians
  • Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel & Laurence
  • Raining Stones
  • Another Country
  • Maurice
  • Monsoon Wedding
  • Life is Sweet
  • Sexy Beast
  • Bread and Roses
  • Dogma
  • Buffalo Soldiers
  • My Name is Joe
  • Riff Raff
  • Heat and Dust
  • Europeans
  • Blue Juice
  • Gangster No. 1

I’ve just checked Amazon and they’re listing them at £15.99 discounted to £11.99, so I’d advise buying them in shops while the initial discount campaign is running at least.

Anyway, since I’m very partial to Monica Potter, Rufus Sewell and Ray Winstone, and don’t mind Tom Hollander (shame about Joseph Fiennes though), I ordered up a nice review copy of Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel & Laurence as a sample of the range.

They sent me 10.

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