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Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #34, DC Holiday Special, New Talent Showcase + more

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including why she’s been hanging around with Batman so much

Weekly Wonder Woman took a break last week for a few reasons:

  1. I had too much work on
  2. There were no new comics (give or take)
  3. There wasn’t much news

I think that’s fair enough, don’t you?

This week, though, it’s the reverse. So much news. So many new comics.

Movie news

This week marks four years of Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman in the movie universe. Doesn’t time fly, hey? I think she’s been a success, too, given that Wonder Woman was the most Tweeted about movie of the year; both Gadot and director Patty Jenkins have won NBR Spotlight Awards; Warner Bros has crossed the US$5 billion mark at the box office for only the second time, thanks largely to Wonder Woman; and Patty Jenkins was on the shortlist for Time’s 2017 Person of the Year – to name but a few highlights of the past fortnight.

That was Wonder Woman, though. Justice League ain’t faring so well, although it has just become the 10th movie to cross the $200 million threshold at the US box office this year and earned $370 million outside the US (thanks China!). So it’s made its money back but it’s not up there with Wonder Woman‘s $821 million tally.

Who’s to blame for the movie earning only a few hundred million more dollars than it took to make? The Wrap has a list of its problems behind the scenes, as does Den of Geek, which lays most of the issues at the door of Henry Cavill’s CGI-ed moustache.

People are also curious as to what was in the original script, before Joss Whedon took over and Warner Bros decided to limit the run-time to two hours. Superman’s black costume was in there at one point, as was Darkseid, and Diana originally cut off Steppenwolf’s head (it takes a god to kill a god, remember?). People also want to know what happened in previous attempts at a Justice League movie, with one close effort from 2011 apparently revealing that Wonder Woman and Batman had had a child at some point.

Still, it nearly being 2018 n’all, thoughts are already turning towards Wonder Woman 2. What’s that going to be about? Well, love’s going to feature strongly, according to some sources; however, Patty Jenkins is telling people to dial back their expectations.

Comics news

Liam Sharp’s been showing off some of his artwork from the forthcoming The Brave and the Bold: Wonder Woman and Batman, as has Tripwire magazine.

Batman versus the Kelpies

The Brave and the Bold

Meanwhile, his co-artist on Greg Rucka’s recent run, Nicola Scott, has been nominated for an IGN best artist award for her work.

Talking of Batman, Diana’s set to appear in Batman for a few issues, starting with issue #38 on January 3rd. Supposedly. This is the cover Comixology still has of the issue:

Batman #38

However, that might have changed and so you might have to wait until issue #39.

Diana’s also scheduled to appear in Damage #3, judging by this bit of work by Tony Daniel:

The second volume of Wonder Woman: Earth One is now scheduled to be released in August 2018 – I’ll believe it when I see it, mind, given how often Volume 1 got rescheduled.

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Wonder Woman on the Old Bailey
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League (2017), Wonder Woman #35

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including how badly her latest movie is doing

Movie news

Oh dear. Poor old DC/Warners. Last week, the signs were looking good for Justice League at the overseas box office. However, the US box office taking this past weekend has been below expectations: $96m, which although pretty good is the lowest ever opening for a DC Extended Universe movie. It also got a ‘40% rotten’ critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and is now projected to lose Warner somewhere between $50m and $100m.


All is not lost, however, since it’s Thanksgiving week in the US, and Justice League did eventually hit its domestic mark after another day’s takings. It’s also done $185m outside the US and has an audience Rotten Tomatoes score of 85%, meaning audiences liked it twice as much as critics did – in fact, they liked it more than Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, although not quite as much as Wonder Woman, naturally.

Still, already everyone and their auntie is weighing in on what went wrong. Previously, director Zac Snyder had been universally blamed for all previous failings of DCEU movies. However, a personal tragedy meant that he departed the movie after shooting a big chunk of it, upon which Warner hired Joss Whedon (yes, that one) to do some rewrites and reshoots.

Weirdly, a whole bunch of people are therefore putting Justice League‘s perceived failings down to there being not enough Snyder and too much Whedon. There’s even a petition by fans to have a Snyder cut of the movie that the movie’s own cinematographer is backing. Someone even claims to have a list of all the changes Whedon made. All the hints in Batman v Superman as to the original plot of Justice League are probably out the window – or maybe they’ll turn up in Justice League 2 if that ever happens.

Want to know what I think of Justice League? Well, I’ll tell you after the jump. But first, let’s talk about comics…

Comics news

Batman and Wonder Woman

As previously mentioned, former Wonder Woman illustrator Liam Sharp is working on the first ever Batman-Wonder Woman title. But we now have some actual details:

It’s a six-issue mini-series called The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman, out on February 21st. One week earlier and people would talk. The series will mix Wonder Woman’s Amazonian mythology with the legends of Irish and Celtic gods. “The story would involve the death of an Irish god, and Wonder Woman would bring in Batman, the world’s greatest detective, to help investigate.”

Sharp said this new story will be a continuation of his Wonder Woman series with [Greg] Rucka, taking place not long after their final issue. He said Wonder Woman and her classic supporting character Steve Trevor are still a couple, but that he was tempted to add a little of the romantic spark that has existed between Batman and Wonder Woman over the years in various adaptations.

“There’s a moment [between Batman and Wonder Woman] in it. It’s more of a nod than anything else,” Sharp said. “I fell very much in love with the Steve and Diana story during the series with Greg. We felt like we gave him a certain richness to his personality that perhaps he’d lacked somewhat previously. There was a sense that the fanbase said this is right and this is how it should be. So I don’t want to spoil that. That’s the [Wonder Woman] that we created and that’s the dynamic that we created, but at the same time there is a [romantic] nod [to Batman].”

Should be fun. And well drawn.

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Themyscira on DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #33, Trinity #15, Wonder Woman/Conan #3

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including which universes she’s in

Justice League is out tonight, both here and the US. The predictions are it’s going to do good box office – it’s already been released in a few countries and international box office seems to be good so far, allegedly doing the best ever for a Hollywood movie in Brazil (really?) – even if pretty much every review says “it’s not great, but at least it’s not Batman v Superman bad”.

TMINE will be seeing it tomorrow, so next week’s WWW will feature a full review – and will probably be on Wednesday.

If you want to read some Justice League stories before seeing Justice League, Syfy Wire reckons it’s got the top 5 for you:

However, while a lot of them are good stories, slightly problematic is the fact that most of them aren’t Justice League storylines, just stories that involve the Justice League or Elseworld versions of the Justice League. You’d think they could do better with so many decades to work with, wouldn’t you?

Movie news

Rumours have been swirling around that Brett Ratner – the world’s most average film director but also one of the financiers of Wonder Woman and also the subject of a lot of allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, homophobia et al – has been shoved off future movies, including Wonder Woman 2, at the instigation of Gal Gadot, who would have refused to sign on the dotted line for any more movies were he involved. Warner Bros has since denied the story and Deadline says there was nothing to it. Still, here’s Gal Gadot sort of denying it but not.

Gadot has also discussed how Diana differs between movies, as well as being a role model and the loss of UN ambassador status. But still on a sexism roll, someone’s noticed that Justice League‘s costumes for its Amazons are somewhat different from those in Wonder Woman. Could having a male costumier on the former movie, a female costumier on the latter be the issue?

Still, several of the Amazons themselves seem to like the change, so maybe it’s not quite so clear cut.

TV news

Two weeks in a row we’ve had some TV news, which is quite remarkable. This week, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow made a brief visit to Themyscira.

Themyscira on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Themyscira on DC's Legends of Tomorrow

A little bit before the Trojan War it would seem, but the DC Universe is not our universe, of course. It’s also not the DC Extended Universe, so don’t be expecting Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to show up on it any time soon now.

Merchandise news

This one’s just spooky.

Wonder Woman Justice League Hot Toy

Comics reviews

After the jump, this week’s adventures of Diana in comic book land. We (thankfully) have the end of the ‘Metal’ tie-in storyline in Justice League #33. We (thankfully) have the end of ‘Trinity versus lots of other Trinities’ storyline in Trinity #15. And we (thankfully) have the latest pairing of Diana and Conan in Wonder Woman/Conan #3.

I should have probably saved that joke until next Thursday, shouldn’t I?

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Diana in Justice League
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #34, Justice League #32

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including what she wore for Halloween

There’s been a slight gap between WWWs. Sorry about that, but work annoyingly got in the way last week. But we’re back, ready to let you know the news and review everything Diana-ish of the past two weeks. Assuming you’ve managed to free yourself from your Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn Halloween costumes – they were the most popular outfits for girls this year.

Movie news

Gosh. What a lot of movie news there’s been, thanks to the imminent arrival of Justice League – aka Wonder Woman 1.5.

Wonder Woman itself (herself?) has now not only become the most successful superhero origins movie ever, it’s also been declared by Rotten Tomatoes to be the best superhero movie of all time. But according to Gal Gadot, Diana’s very first DCEU appearance, Batman v Superman, is about to get retconned, despite only coming out last year:

None of us knew exactly, exactly, what’s the backstory of Wonder Woman. And once they decided to shoot the solo movie, [the] Wonder Woman movie, and we started to dig in and understand the core of the character, we realized that actually there is no way that Wonder Woman will EVER give up on mankind. The reason why she left the island was because she wanted to make their life better and safer. They are her colleagues, so I’m giving you a very honest answer, that it was sometimes, you know, creative processes establish something that is not necessarily the right decision. But then you can always correct it and change it. So Wonder Woman will always be there as far as she [has] concerns for mankind.

Phew. Now we can have Wonder Woman 2 after all.

Back to Justice League, though. We’ve now got

On top of that, there’s this new DC video explaining Wonder Woman’s background in the comics and the movies:

And super-exciting for Londoners! The Justice League experience opened today at The College in Southampton Row, with rooms dedicated to each of the league’s members. Gal Gadot even paid a visit recently.

TV news

Yep, this is a new one. Don’t have TV news much in WWW, do we? But Robert Kirkman – creator of the comics that were the basis of The Walking Dead and Outcast – has a new TV series starting on November 12 on AMC in the US. It’s called Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics and one episode, Wonder Woman, traces our Diana’s story from her early origins to Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter will be on it and everything. Here’s a trailer for you Americans [sorry everyone else].

Comics news

Remember that Mercedes cash-in I told you about? Here’s the Diana one, in which she and the Flash change an old man’s tyre.

I hope Mercedes think that money was well spent.

However, the most important announcement of the fortnight is that we’re getting another new Wonder Woman comic! Even more importantly, it’s the first ever comic to star just Batman and Wonder Woman, and is appropriately entitled Batman/Wonder Woman. The icing on the cake? Liam Sharp is doing the artwork.

Issue #1 is due out on February. Not long now then and given a whole bunch of people will buy pretty much anything with the Bat logo on it, I’m pretty sure it should sell well.

Comic reviews

Justice League Day #1 came out yesterday, but that’s just a reissue of the nu52 Justice League #1, so you can safely skip it.

After the jump then, a stupid Elseworld invades DC Prime in Justice League #32 and Diana finally meets her brother Jason in Wonder Woman #34. The slight catch? More lies. Oh dear. I thought Greg Rucka was off the title?

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