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Friends’ sisters reunited; Old Man Samuel L Jackson; Chris Pine’s TV show; Animal Kingdom, Angie Tribeca, Harlots renewed; + more

The Daily News will return on 4th September. Have a nice August!

Film trailers

Internet TV

  • Trailer for Amazon’s Comrade Detective

French TV

International TV

  • Trailer for AXN’s Absentia with Stana Katic
  • Hulu (US) – and maybe ITV Encore (UK) – renew: Harlots


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

Wonder Woman: Earth One #2
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #27

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including her baseball playing

Most of the talk at the weekend at this year’s SDCC was about the forthcoming Justice League movie, the Wonderful poster and trailer for which we looked at on Monday. However, there was some news about comics, too – mind-blowing, hey?

Top of the announcements was the revelation that there will indeed by a Volume 2 – and a Volume 3 – of Wonder Woman: Earth One, once again written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Yanick Paquette.

The story will see Nazis, led by Paula Von Gunter, invading Paradise island. It’s Amazons vs Nazis, and somebody is going to get punched!

But at a panel with little known DC publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, while reflecting on the nu52, DiDio confirmed that at least one part of it was still in effect: Zeus is still Diana’s dad.

Told ya.

In other news, also as suspectedWonder Woman 2 is a go and it now has a release date: December 13 2019. More surprisingly, Patty Jenkins still isn’t confirmed to direct it. What’s going on there, hey?

What is confirmed about Jenkins is that she’ll be working with Steve Trevor Chris Pine again, this time on a completely unrelated TV project for TNT about Fauna Hodel. For those wanting to know a little more about this year’s other Wonder Woman movie, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, there’s a Q&A with that film’s director for you to peruse, too.

But it’s nearly August, which means it’s time for Weekly Wonder Woman to become Not Until September Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, I’ve only one title to leave you with until then: Wonder Woman #27. Let’s chat about it after the jump.

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Tim Roth in Tin Star
BAFTA events

What TV’s on at BAFTA in July/August 2017? Including Tin Star, Tracy Beaker and Sinemaes 2017

Every month (more or less), TMINE flags up what TV events BAFTA is holding around the UK

BAFTA’s not got its act together as much as the BFI does, so a quick warning that if you want to see Tin Star, you’ll have to get your skates on, because they’re showing it tonight (they only emailed me about it yesterday – not my fault guv’nor!).

TV Preview: Tin Star + Q&A

Thursday 27 July 2017 – 18.45
BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, London

A preview of Sky’s new drama, which follows an ex-metropolitan detective starting a new life in a secluded town in the Rocky Mountains. Followed by a Q&A with actors Tim Roth, Oliver Coopersmith, Abigail Lawrie and writer Rowan Joffe.

Sinemaes at National Eisteddfod (Anglesey)

Friday 5 August – Saturday 12 August
Bodedern, Anglesey

For a second year, BAFTA Cymru will host a programme of screening and events at its Sinemaes tipi at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, a festival celebrating Welsh culture and language.

BAFTA at 70 Open Weekend: BAFTA Kids Event – Tracy Beaker

Saturday 5 August  – 11.00
BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, London

BAFTA and CBBC will be screening an episode from The Story Of Tracy Beaker; Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the series. Followed by a Q&A and meet-and-greet with cast and crew.


BAFTA Members/Guests: Free
Public: £7.50

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in Netflix's Osark
TV reviews

What have you been watching? Including Ozark, Somewhere Between, Sing, and Beauty and the Beast

It’s “What have you been watching?”, my chance to tell you each week what movies and TV I’ve been watching recently and your chance to recommend anything you’ve been watching. TMINE recommends has all the reviews of all the TV shows TMINE has ever recommended, but for a complete list of TMINE’s reviews of (good, bad and insipid) TV shows and movies, there’s the definitive TV Reviews A-Z and Film Reviews A-Z. But it’s what you have you been watching? So tell us! Ah go on. Go on, go on, go on

August is nearly here, which means TMINE is about to take it’s traditional month off from talking about TV in order to lounge around by a pool and try to read a book without falling asleep for a change. Naturally, of course, all the new shows are starting up now so there’s no slouching to be done just yet, though.

I’ll be reviewing both Midnight, Texas (US: NBC; UK: Syfy) and Pulse (Australia: ABC) over the next couple of days, but after the jump, I’ll be looking at the first episodes of Somewhere Between (US: NBC) and Ozark (Netflix). I’ve also caught a couple of movies out the corner of one eye, so I’ll be reviewing Sing (2017) and Beauty and the Beast (2017), too.

But as it is the last WHYBW before the August vacations, as usual it’ll be a little special and I’ll be applying my standard “Can I really be shagged to catch up with it when I get back?” test to the current list of shows, including Game of Thrones, Salvation, Snowfall, Will and Twin Peaks, as well as the returning Shooter. Can you guess which ones I can really be shagged to catch up with when I get back? Ah go on.

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Thor: Ragnarok

All the best trailers from SDCC – Justice League, Marvel’s The Defenders, Star Trek: Discovery, Stranger Things, Thor: Ragnarok and Westworld

SDCC – aka San Diego Comic-Con – had turned into one of the most important events of the year, not just for comics but for movies and TV shows. At least of the nerdier and more US variety, since it’s not like there’s a great Poldark presence there every year.

But it’s where all the latest news is revealed and you get to see the new trailers, and this year, we’ve had a bevy. I’m not going to go through the whole lot, as that way madness lies, but you can find most of them in today’s news.

On top of that, unfortunately, a few of the best trailers that got shown haven’t yet been fed into YouTube (eg Netflix’s Marvel’s The Punisher and Black Panther). But at the very least, after the jump, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on trailers for the likes of Justice League, Thor: RagnarokReady Player One, Netflix’s Marvel’s The Defenders, CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery, HBO’s Westworld, and Netflix’s  Stranger Things (season 2). Oh yes, and The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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