Troy Kennedy Martin season at the NFT

The NFT has a season of Troy Kennedy Martin’s work running next month, with an interview with the man himself on the 6th February. In case you don’t know who he is, here’s the bumpf:

“Scriptwriter Troy Kennedy Martin has been responsible for some of the most memorable and innovative British TV. Beginning at the BBC in the late fifties, he worked on the revolutionary series Z Cars and then moved to ITV to write on the seminal seventies series, The Sweeney. Arguably his greatest work is the brilliant conspiracy thriller Edge of Darkness, and he has also written for film, including the classic caper movie The Italian Job.”

Among the season’s highlights are Diary of a Young Man, Edge of Darkness, and an episode of Fall of Eagles. Go watch Edge of Darkness if you’ve never seen it (shame on you! It’s the drama of the 80s); I’ll only be along for the interview on the 6th since everything else clashes with something else I’m already booked in for. Drat.

BFI events

New Year news

DT looking somber

The last week’s news in review.

Doctor Who


British TV

  • There’s a Green Wing special event at the NFT on the 17th January. There will be an on-stage interview with creator Victoria Pile and “(we hope) cast members Tamsin Greig, Stephen Mangan and Julian Rhind-Tutt”.


Saturday night ITC fun at the NFT

Tickets may already have sold out, but if they haven’t and you’re not off to a fireworks display like me, there’s a couple of tele events at the NFT this Saturday that look interesting. Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, et al is going to talk about his days at ITC. To get you up to speed with ITC, preceding that will be a Gallop Through the Archives, with clips from various ITC shows, as well as a full episode of The Buccaneers. Both sound fun, so book if you can.

BFI events

Jane Eyre and Charley at the NFT

Charley says: go to the NFT
A couple of tele-related things to watch out for at the NFT this month. The first is a season of Central Office of Information (COI) films starting on the 21st and running through to the 30th. COI films? You remember Charley Says, right? Think Before You Drink Before You Drive? Course you do. Basically, a week of those films, grouped by theme onto individual nights.
The other thing that might be worth catching is a preview on the 15th of the Beeb’s new adaptation of Jane Eyre. It features Toby Stephens as Rochester, Francesca Annis as Lady Ingram, and newcomer Ruth Wilson as Jane. It’ll be a four-parter when it appears on tele, but the NFT is showing the first two hour-long episodes.
If you feel the urge, get booking now!

Top 10 – and bottom 10 – sci-fi title sequences ever

An enterprising gentleman in the US has decided to organise troll bait top ten lists of the worst and best sci-fi title sequences LIKE EVER!!! To save you the effort of going there, they are, complete with YouTube links:


  1. Firefly
  2. Space: 1999
  3. The Six Million Dollar Man
  4. Doctor Who (Tom Baker and Eccles Cake versions)
  5. Star Trek: Voyager
  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  7. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  8. Mystery Science Theater 3000
  9. The Greatest American Hero
  10. Battlestar Galactica (original series)


  1. Enterprise
  2. Cleopatra 2525
  3. Battlestar Galactica (new series)
  4. V
  5. Babylon 5
  6. Charmed
  7. Xena: Warrior Princess
  8. The Bionic Woman
  9. Manimal
  10. Land of Lost

Now, clearly the man has both atrocious taste in title sequences as well as a somewhat limited viewing range. Otherwise, how else did all those Star Trek sequences get in there? At the very least, the original series of The Tomorrow People should be in there, as should The Prisoner. On the other hand, he does correctly slam Charmed for mauling a classic Smiths track, and The Six Million Dollar Man titles are classics indeed.

What other title sequences should be in there, do you reckon? If we include serials, I’d definitely include The Day of The Triffids‘, and if we were to expand beyond SF, I’d add in Callan, Penn and Teller’s Bullshit (titles are about a minute in) and Touching Evil. But what would you include?