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Normally, I’d have done a rundown on what’s on at the BFI in April by now. Unfortunately, I’ve just realised, I think during my house move, the latest brochure must have gone astray or not got delivered. Or I threw it out.

Anyway, I’ve had a look through the online version and there’s not much for TV lovers in April, by the looks of it, apart from a season dedicated to documentary series Monitor. Doesn’t really float my boat, but it might float yours.

The only other thing is that there’s going to be a showing of Marty, on Wednesday 22nd April, accompanied by a Q&A with star Ernest Borgnine. Off you go, Airwolf fans!


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Review: The League of Gentlemen in Conversation

League of Gentlemen

Well, you asked for it, so here it is: it’s a write-up/review of the League of Gentlemen in conversation at the NFT/BFI last month. Sorry it’s taken a while, but I’m all busy moving flat, getting snowed in, working, etc.

All the League were there on stage, including Jeremy Dyson, all in a row. For some weird reason, Dick Fiddy who was hosting the event decided to sit Reece Sheersmith on his left and everyone else on his right, resulting in a decidedly hacked-off looking Sheersmith moping behind Fiddy for most of the evening.

Anyway, since I can’t be arsed to construct even a halfway decent narrative for this, I’m probably just going to dump my copious notes down after the jump.

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BFI events

BFI offering free David Tennant film to members

David Tennant in Sweetnightgoodheart

No, honestly, I’m not making that headline up. If you’re a member of the BFI, you can now download for free David Tennant in Daniel Zeff’s Sweetnightgoodheart:

Our Valentine to BFI members, this delightfully bittersweet and wry comedy stars Doctor Who’s David Tennant as a less-than-straightforward man trying to split from his hardworking medic girlfriend (Kate Ashfield). Over a candlelit supper, his attempts are misinterpreted as a marriage proposal and the night spins wildly out of control as a host of friends and family descend to wish the happy couple well. Will he find it in his heart to do the right thing?

It’s only nine minutes long and 53MB in iPod format. Ooh, look at that would you, it appears that link is clickable by people other than me. Get it while you can without joining then!

If that stops working (or I’m simply deluded), it’s available for the rest of the month at least so you can sign up to join now and get it; but since previous free downloads are still available, by the looks of it, you’ll probably be able to join at an even later date and still be able to get it. Here’s a clip:

March at the BFI

Time for our regular round-up of tele events at the BFI. Compared to February’s extravaganza, March is looking a bit anaemic for tele fans, with just a couple of events that are really geared up for Christie-lovers:

  • 8th: Preview: Agatha Christie’s PoirotAppointment with Death
  • 8th: Preview: Agatha Christie’s Marple

With luck, there should also be a Q&A with David Suchet and Julia McKenzie to accompany the previews.

Torchwood lovers should also note that as part of the 23rd London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Captain Jack’s romantic escapades in season one will be shown at the Mediatheque at 1pm every Saturday and Sunday throughout March up until the 22nd (when the showing will be at 1.10pm).There’ll be clips from other shows, too, and the total runtime will be 45 minutes, with three playings per performanace. It’s free, too.

Lastly, as mentioned previously, for movie buffs, there’s a couple of Blade Runner showings, including a Q&A with Rutger Hauer. There are also ‘Femme Fatale’ and ‘The Vamp’ seasons, including Rita Hayworth in Gilda, Ava Gardner in The Killers, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, Kim Novak in Vertigo, Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction and Louise Brooks in Pandora’s Box (aka Die Büchse der Pandora).

In a change of policy this month, members’ priority postal, online and phone booking will all open at the same time: 11.30am on 2 February
Public booking opens 11:30am on 9 February

As always, visit the BFI web site for more details