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Talking Pictures June 2020: Budgie, William Tell and Sir Francis Drake

An occasional look at what classic TV shows Talking Pictures (Sky 328 | Freeview 81 | Freesat 306 | Virgin 445) is going to be airing soon

Last week, TMINE launched the new Talking Pictures schedule guide, looking at what classic TV shows were coming to the channel in May and June. However, a few of the shows didn’t have start times – now they do.

Budgie is going to be starting on Tuesday 16th June at 9pm. The Adventures of Will Tell is going to be part of a daily 9am ITC The Adventures of… slot – The Adventures of Sir Lancelot is Thursdays, The Adventures of Robin Hood on Wednesdays and The Adventures of William Tell will be on Tuesdays.

That starts the week of June 15, with Mondays being the new addition to the schedule of The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake.

But that’s just the highlights, so keep your eyes glued to the schedule to see what else is on.

In My Skin
BAFTA events

What TV’s on at BAFTA in June? Including In My Skin

Every Tuesday, TMINE flags up what new TV events BAFTA is holding around the UK

Following on from its March preview of the show, BAFTA has a new In My Skin event, this time an online Zoom webinar:

Masterclass: In My Skin

Wednesday, 3 June 2020 – 8:00pm

Odeon, Cardiff

A masterclass with writer Kayleigh Llewellyn (Stella), director Lucy Forbes (End of the F***ing World), executive producer Nerys Evans (Catastrophe) and actors Jo Hartley (After Life) and Gabrielle Creevy (Gwaith/Cartref).

Shot in Cardiff, the series follows the double life led by 16-year-old Bethan Gwyndaf (Creevy) as she navigates school and a troubled home life that sees her bipolar mother Katrina (Hartley) sectioned by the crisis team at a psychiatric hospital. Her alcoholic father displays a lack of compassion to the situation, and Bethan fights hard to hide the truth of the life she really leads from her best friends, Travis and Lydia, and her teachers.

The session will focus on the making of the darkly comic BBC hit, and give a detailed look at the development process from the initial script to filming the pilot, and then on to first full series.

Hosted by BBC presenter Alexandra Humphreys.

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Talking Pictures

Talking Pictures May/June 2020: Quatermass, Budgie, Catweazle and a whole bunch of ITC shows

An occasional look at what classic TV shows Talking Pictures (Sky 328 | Freeview 81 | Freesat 306 | Virgin 445) is going to be airing soon

So in a slightly new feature, I’m going to be highlighting some old, rather than new TV shows, that TV channel Talking Pictures (Sky 328 | Freeview 81 | Freesat 306 | Virgin 445) is going to be airing soon. For free.

This week, there’s all the excitement of the final Professor Quatermass TV show, cunningly called Quatermass. That starts tomorrow night at 9pm.

Next month, though, there are treats galore. Budgie, starring Adam Faith, is on its way:

Catweazle is back, starting June 3, as is The Gentle Touch from June 8. The following week, we’ll be getting some classic ITC shows, with The Adventures of Sir Lancelot starting on June 13 and The Adventures of Robin Hood; William Tell is supposed to be coming, too, but I can’t see it in the schedules yet, so I imagine that’ll be later in the month.

But that’s just the highlights, so keep your eyes glued to the schedule to see what else is on.

The Eddy

What TV’s on at BAFTA in May? Including The Eddy

Every Tuesday, TMINE flags up what new TV events BAFTA is holding around the UK

Just as the BFI has started to adapt to the coronavirus quarantine, so too has BAFTA, which is now starting to organise online TV events. I must confess I only just noticed this so I missed last week’s Normal People (UK: BBC Three) panel discussion with Paul Mescal, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Lenny Abrahamson, but you can view that here:

Clearly, though, I’m going to have to keep my eye on BAFTA again.

After the jump, three events coming your way on Zoom in the next week: a preview of Netflix’s The Eddy, a session on the production challenges facing TV producers during lockdown, and a masterclass with Left Bank Pictures’ producer Andy Harries. You’ll be glad to hear they’re all free (I think).

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BFI events

What TV’s on at the BFI in May 2020? Including Isolation Stories

Every month, TMINE lets you know what TV the BFI will be presenting at the South Bank in London

So, for obvious reasons, the BFI hasn’t been putting on too many events of late. Everything’s been cancelled, in fact. That means there’s not been much cause for me to report its schedule of late.

However, next month, the BFI will be putting on one programme, at least – and maybe more as time moves on. And this is it:


Tuesday 5 May

20:00 BFI YouTube Channel

Free online panel discussion with the team behind ITV’s Isolation Stories
ITV 2020. Dir Paul Whittington. Eddie Marsan, Sheridan Smith, Angela Griffin, Robert Glenister, David Threlfall and more

BFI will host an online panel discussion with the award-winning team behind ITV’s new drama, Isolation Stories, the first lockdown TV drama which responds to and reflects on what families are going through during weeks of isolation. The panel discussion will stream before the broadcast of the second episode, and will give audience a chance to hear from exec producer Jeff Pope (Philomena), cast Eddie Marsan (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell), Angela Griffin (Coronation Street), director Paul Whittington (White House Farm), writer Gaby Chiappe (The Level) and producer Tom Dunbar (A Confession).

Isolation Stories will air on ITV at 9pm over four consecutive nights from Monday 4 May. Each 15 minute episode was filmed observing the strict rules of lockdown with actors and their families filming the scenes themselves watched remotely by the directors. Assembled in conditions the production company has never faced before and written and directed by an award-winning team, the series features moments that are funny, sad, heart-warming and poignant.

Starring Sheridan Smith, Darren Boyd, Angela Griffin, Robert Glenister alongside his son Tom Glenister, David Threlfall, Eddie Marsan and Marsan’s two sons as well as Philip Jackson, Leanne Best and Michael Jibson.

The first episode entitled Mel, follows heavily pregnant, and fed up with life, Mel (Sheridan Smith) as she faces having to go through birth without the married father of her child – who has chosen to stay with his wife and family. Other episode explore father-son dynamics, a self-absorbed hypochondriac’s virtual sessions with his psychiatrist and a grandfather who tries to mend his broken family whilst observing social distancing.

The panel will be hosted by writer and broadcaster Mark Lawson giving audiences a chance to hear the unique challenges in producing this fascinating series and the highly topical issues it raises for us all. The public can submit their questions for the panel to @BFI on Twitter and by using the hashtag #IsolationStories. All questions must be submitted by 2pm on Monday 4 May.

Tickets £18, concs £15 (Members pay £2 less)