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Review: Engrenages (Spiral) 2×5

Samy in Spiral

In the UK: Sunday 11th October, 10pm, BBC4. Available on the iPlayer

Last week‘s slight holding pattern is abandoned in this week’s Engrenages (Spiral) as Samy, the Special Branch officer, begins to work his magic on the investigation and Aziz comes back into town.

Spoilers and more after the jump.

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Wednesday’s “it’s only a logo” news

Doctor Who




  • Kelly Brook, Jan Leeming and Julie Goodyear to join Calendar Girls

British TV

  • Blue Murder beats Criminal Justice in the ratings
  • Sebastian Faulks to present The Secret Life of the Novel

French TV

  • Canal+ acquires The Prisoner


French TV

Review: Engrenages (Spiral) 2×3

In the UK: Sunday 27th September, 10pm, BBC4. Available on the iPlayer

It’s episode three of the second season of Engrenages aka Spiral, and we have a new theme on top of the usual Engrenages tropes. We have the series’ continuing study of the misogyny prevalent apparently everywhere in France, whether it’s in the legal system or among the general populace, as well as the acknowledgement that good can be evil and evil can be good.

But in this episode, we also have a look at terror.

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