On the Hour: free download

The Guardian is offering you the chance to download an episode of On The Hour, the radio precursor to The Day Today starring Chris Morris and Steven Coogan as Alan Partridge. But you can play it in this embedded player if you’d prefer. It’s very funny.

The full edition is finally to be released on CD, as part of a collection of five 30-minute episodes, a Christmas special and the original pilot episode by Warp Records on November 24.

Chris Morris needs your help

From Warp Films

£25 to fund and appear in the film
Following rumours in the press and online Warp Films can confirm that Chris Morris’ comedy about British jihadis is being made by Warp Films as an independently funded cinema feature. The script has been written by Chris in collaboration with Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain and is now ready to shoot. Production will begin as soon as we are fully funded. To that end we are running a number of investment schemes including donations which give you the chance to be in the film.

mail enquiries to: [email protected]

Morris Minors: The Time, The Place

Time to launch another new blog god-related feature. This one will show off some of the lesser known work of satirist Chris Morris, who’s best known for The Day Today, Brass Eye and Jam

Naturally enough, I’m calling it Morris Minors.

Anyway, the first entry is a bit of stunt work by the man himself, in which he turned up in the audience of daytime debate show The Time The Place and pretended to be an expert on sex and Roman history. He starts of sensible, he ends up silly, just to see at what point he’ll be rumbled.