Touching Evil (US)

ITV3 has just started (as of 45 minutes ago) showing the US version of Touching Evil. If you can, watch it because it’s a remarkable thing: a remake of a UK show that’s better than original. The UK version, starring Robson Green, was awful, a collection of clichés and predictability that made you wonder what could have possessed the likes of Paul Abbot and Russell T Davies when they wrote it. It so badly wanted to be a US show, but could only imitate and badly at that.

The US version, which was exec-produced by Bruce Willis of all people, took those clichés and ran with them. The throwaway “characterisation” of having the hero, David Creegan, shot in the head – something that never seemed to affect him in any way in the UK version – was a vital point in the US version.

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Screening screeners: Prison Break, Supernatural, Global Frequency

Well, I’ve done my best to track down the new shows set to arrive on US screens this Fall (and UK screens some time in the year 2011, at current network velocities). And now I’ve watched them so you don’t have to. Here’s the ones I’ve tracked down so far:
Prison Break: Man gets himself arrested so he can help break out his death-row-incarcerated brother (the ever-excellent Dominic Purcell from John Doe). Like West Wing, the message is the Ivy League-educated will triumph over the plebs. Kind of interested to see how it goes and why the hero hasn’t been stabbed with a shank yet/turned into someone’s bitch. Fox should run it as a double bill with episodes of Oz.
Global Frequency: Not-very-secret global alliance of mobile phone-using experts unite at short notice to save the world. Always nice to see Michelle Forbes in anything, really, and while it starts reasonably badly, it has the potential to be, ironically enough, the 21st Century’s answer to Century 21’s Thunderbirds.
Supernatural: Two brothers hunt after supernatural things, looking for the ghost that killed their mum when they were younger. Ooh, an actual horror show. Not brilliant, with some hurried plot explanation and crumby dialogue, but it’s nice to have a show where the supernatural is just full of evil things trying to kill us all. I think it could be a credible alternative to LivingTV’s 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry.