The marvellous hidden treasures of Roku’s many channels

There are, the observant will have noticed, now many ways to watch Internet TV on your TV. No more tiny laptop screens or sitting in front of your desktop – buy yourself an Amazon Fire Stick, a Google Chromecast device, an Apple TV, a Now TV box or one of the many other streaming devices on the market, connect it to your TV, connect it to your WiFi and you’ll be watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and all the rest in just a few moments.

Among these devices is the Roku, of which I have an amazing three different devices for different occasions. The basis of the Now TV box and even a Roku TV, the Roku offers all the usual streaming services, including Now TV, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+, as well as all the usual UK TV catch-up services, including iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, My5 and UKTV. Here’s my main Roku channel list:

That doesn’t make it any different to most of the other devices. But where it does excel is in its ability for pretty much anyone, including a back bedroom developer, to create streaming channels of their own and offer vastly more channels than most other devices (Apple TV – I’m looking at you here).

Here, for example, are my mid and lower channels:

So there’s some international news services, including Al Jazeera and France 24 (English and French available, as well as Spanish, I think). GreekTV does what it says on the tin, offering just about every Greek-language streaming service out there from Greece, Cyprus and elsewhere. ANT1 I quite like, even if it always seems to be showing Γυναίκα Χωρίς ‘Ονομα (Woman without a name) whenever I tune in:

But down the bottom, yes, you saw them: channels dedicated to showing every single episode of 1960s ITC shows The Baron and The Saint.

Among all those channels is Roku’s own free TV service, The Roku Channel, and inspired by this week’s discovery that it has the UK premiere of Westside, I decided to investigate further to see what other TV it – and other channels – might secretly be harbouring.

Here’s what I found on two of them: The Roku Channel and Plex. Turns out you don’t need a separate channel for The Saint – the Roku Channel has all the episodes, too.

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What time, TMINE? Including Away and Westside

Every Friday, TMINE lets you know when the latest TV shows from around the world will air in the UK

Not many premiere dates this week, I’m afraid. In fact, just the one and it’s a Netflix original: Away. Details after the jump.


  • Netflix has acquired Vier (Belgium)’s Soil. That will air in 2021
  • Sky Witness has acquired ABC (US)’s For Life, but there’s not even a hint as to when that will air

Oops, I missed it

Westside (New Zealand: TV3; UK: The Roku Channel)

To be fair, everyone else missed this, too, since it’s on The Roku Channel, the free channel available to anyone who has a Roku device. Nevertheless, it does appear to be the first time any channel in the UK has shown this.

The prequel to long-running crime drama Outrageous Fortune, Westside tells the story of legendary safe cracker and career criminal Ted West and his firecracker wife Rita. All five seasons (a sixth is on the way) are currently available.

Stars: Antonia Prebble, David de Lautour, Dan Musgrove

TMINE episode reviews

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  1. Pilot
  2. Is’t Far You Ride?
  3. Third-episode verdict
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Katy Keene

TMINE’s Daily Global TV News: Katy Keene cancelled; The Kominsky Method, The Great renewed; Good Trouble, Fort Salem acquired; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV

Australian TV

  • Trailer for Seven’s Between Two Worlds

International TV



New US TV shows


What time, TMINE? Including Rectify, Stateless, H, P-Valley, The Secrets She Keeps and Cursed

Every Friday, TMINE lets you know when the latest TV shows from around the world will air in the UK

It’s been an acquisition-less week this week but that doesn’t mean there’s no new TV to watch.

After the jump, you can find the UK premiere dates for Stateless, H, P-Valley, The Secrets She Keeps and Cursed. But first…

Oops, I missed it

Rectify (US: Sundance; UK: Acorn TV)

After 19 years on Georgia’s death row, Daniel Holden is released into a world he no longer understands. Freed on a technicality, he could still be sent back. If Daniel can rebuild his life, will he be allowed to keep it?

Stars: Aden Young and Abigail Spencer

(Note: I have a feeling this has already been on in the UK on another channel, but I couldn’t find the acquisition listed anywhere on TMINE, so I thought I’d mention it)

(UPDATE: TV Wise says it was on AMC UK. Knew it)

TMINE episode reviews

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