NBC’s upfronts 2012-3 – a rundown and clips from the new shows

NBC new season 2012/13

We’ve already had a look at some of the cast photos, but now we have a full rundown of what NBC is ordering up for its Fall schedule. Unlike last year, where there seemed to be a few shows that I’d like to watch – NBC now having cancelled them all – NBC appears to have chosen to fill the airwaves this year and next year almost exclusively with pure awfulness, probably figuring based on this year’s ratings that if it produces anything decent, no one will watch it, so why bother with half-decent, which takes some effort, when you can have river effluent instead.

After the jump, we’ll take a look – yes, there are clips – at NBC’s new shows, to see if there’s anything at all that looks good out of Revolution, Go On, The New Normal, Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, Chicago Fire and Do No Harm.

UPDATE: Now with more clips!

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