Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time

There will probably come a day when everything that happens in the world, big or small, gets dramatised on TV – remember that time you took the cat out and it pulled a funny face? Britain’s top actor will be playing you, doing that, in 754 years’ time. So have a care how you do things.

One thing that definitely does warrant a biopic, though, is the creation of Doctor Who, a TV show that might well still be airing in 754 years’ time, too. Coming to BBC2 on 21st November, actors playing the likes of Verity Lambert, William Hartnell and Sydney Newman will be in An Adventure in Space and Time by long-time fan and Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss, demonstrating (with some licence) how those people made the show the TV titan that it still is. I wonder if they could have guessed this was going to happen and if they had, would they have done things differently?

Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor now showing

What was that sound? Why, yes, it was a million Doctor Who fans having an orgasm, thanks to a prequel to the The Day of the Doctor having just popped up on the iPlayer and YouTube. And isn’t it fun, laden with a gazillion continuity references and more. Without wishing to give the game away, not only do you get not one but two Doctors (and maybe not the ones you were expecting), there are references to the Time War, Brain of Morbius as well as the Big Finish audio plays.

What do you think of it?