Review: Doctor Who – 3×11 – Utopia


Fan. Bloody. Tastic.

That’s all I have to say on the subject.

Okay, being the kind of guy who has lots to say on lots of subjects, that’s patently untrue. But if I had to summarise yesterday’s episode, that would be where I’d leave it.

Fan. Bloody. Tastic.

I’ll go on at length in a minute, but what was most clear from Utopia was that it was a massive one-finger salute from Russell T Davies to the more critical members of Doctor Who fandom. A nice one, mind, but clearly RTD was smiling a very secret smile as he wrote Utopia.

Scrawled in nine-feet high letters across the entire season, culminating in Utopia, the message from Rusty was clear: “You think I don’t know what I’m doing? You think I’m a soap-opera hack with ego problems, intent on trampling all over your memories with infantile fart gags?

”Well, I can do structure. I can do foreshadowing. I can do mirroring. I can do tension of opposites. I can hide things in plain sight where even you geniuses can’t spot them. By the end of this episode, you’ll forget everything you’ve ever said about me and you’ll beg for my forgiveness. And do you know why?

“Because I am the Master and you will obey me.”

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Review: Doctor Who – 3×10 – Blink


Steven Moffat’s always game for a good script. Even on his worst days, he writes at a level Chris Chibnall can only dream of. Now Blink, this year’s Doctor-lite episode, was a very good script. It was scary, funny, cleverly plotted, with some good characterisation and dialogue served as the metaphorical icing on the cake.

But was Blink great? Not quiet.

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Review: Doctor Who – 3×8-3×9 – Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Family Of Blood

I’m a big man.

I say this not to boast – although wey hey! – but because it’s a truism that it takes a big man to admit it when he’s wrong.

I admit it. I was wrong. Paul Cornell can write. He can write very well (subject to any possible script edits made by RTD, Helen Raynor, et al).

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Review: Doctor Who – 3×7 – 42


Well, boys and girls, I think we’ve learnt two things from this week’s episode of Doctor Who – The Shouty Years:

  1. Graeme Harper’s finally remembered how to direct. He had it nailed during the 80s, seemed to forget last year, but has returned to stonking form this year
  2. Chris Chibnall can write at least half a good script. Maybe not a whole one, but at least a half of one

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Review: Doctor Who – 3×6 – The Lazarus Experiment

The Lazarus Experiment

As the wise sage Yazz once said, the only way is up. So it was with the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Lazarus Experiment. After the dismal piece of genetic mutation that was Evolution of the Daleks, we have a hybrid we can all be pretty proud of, a nearly 100% successful amalgam of old Who, new Who, The Quatermass Experiment and – ooh – MacGyver.

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