Random Acts

Random Acts of Ali Larter: Thankful

Ali Larter at the Macys Thanksgiving Parade

Today, Ali Larter is thankful. Thankful that she’s being interviewed by Al Roker? Probably not. Thankful that she received from American Women in Radio and Television the 2008 Gracie award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama? Naturally. Thankful that Barack Obama has replaced George W Bush as president of the United States? She certainly wouldn’t be in a minority.

Personally, I think she’s thankful because it’s Thanksgiving and she’s watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. What do you think?

Random Acts

Random Acts of Ali Larter: Fun

Today, Ali Larter is having fun. Is it because she’s just recognised Matt Parkman as the guy she threw out a window earlier in season 1 of Heroes? No, because that’s fiction. Is she having fun because she’s just been voted Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun Fearless Female of the Year 2009? Maybe – wouldn’t you be? Or is it because she’s found out that Manatees have just made their annual trek to Wakulla Springs State Park in Florida and there’s now a spring in her step? Almost certainly. I know it fills me with joy. 

What do you think, though?

Random Acts

Random Ali Larter pictures: happy

Ali Larter in Legally Blonde

Today, Ali Larter is happy. Happy because of the launch of Random Ali Larter pictures? Possibly. Happy for being Victoria’s Secret’s Sexiest Legs of 2008? Almost certainly. Maybe even it’s the announcement that the Greek parliament has finally accepted the 2009 budget, despite a coalition of the socialists, communists and the far-right voting against it.

Personally, I think it’s because Christmas is coming soon. What do you think?