TMINE is now on holiday

It’s that time again. August is nearly upon us – the time when TMINE goes on its usual holidays.

Exact it’s not usual, is it, right now? So I don’t get to go to Greece this year.


However, I am in desperate need of a break so by hook or by crook, I will… have one. It’s going to be a bit of a stacation/domestic tour of the UK for at least the next three weeks, perhaps even longer.

Which means it is business as usual, in that there won’t be any TMINE until the end of August, I suspect. I might do a review or two and I’ll be lurking in the comments sections to chat, but that’s probably it. Given there aren’t going to be that many new shows over August anyway, all I’ll probably end up watching are the regulars, Umbrella Academy and Hornblower anyway.

So enjoy August and TV without me. By the time TMINE comes back, films will have returned to cinemas, TV productions will have restarted, and hopefully we’ll have something like media normality restored.

And I hope you all manage to have holidays yourselves.