What have you been watching? Including Legion and Westworld


It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend anything you’ve been watching this week

Last week, I predicted a flood of new shows and here they all are already. Elsewhere, I’ve reviewed the first episodes of:

And passed a third-episode verdict on Mystery Road (Australia: ABC). But that’s not all of them. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do Dietland (US: AMC; UK: Amazon), but I’ll give it a whirl; however, I’ll definitely be reviewing the first episode of Paramount (US)’s American Woman some time in the next couple of days and I’ll be aiming to review all of YouTube Red’s surprisingly good Impulse as well, although that might be something for Monday, as might Strange Angel (US: CBS All Access) – and anything else that pops up.

All these new things but the current viewing listing is dwindling something chronic. In fact, after the jump, I’ll only be looking at Bron/Broen (The Bridge), Westworld and the season finale of Legion. Crikey.

TV shows

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Recommended shows

Bron/Broen (The Bridge) (Sweden: SVT1; Denmark: DR1; UK: BBC Two)


The investigation continues. Saga and Danish bloke continue to bicker. We get a few revelations. But not an especially memorable episode, beyond Saga’s revelation.

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Legion (US: FX; UK: Fox UK)

2×11 – Chapter 19

A bit pacier than normal, as a season finale should be, and filled with Legion‘s trademark mind-bending and unsettling moments, as well as its usual beautiful photography and some additional comic book graphics. All the same, I was hoping for a bit more, since “they done me wrong so I turned bad” is a bit pathetic as super-villain motivation goes.

Surprisingly, even though I only finished watching it about 10 minutes ago, that’s about all I have to say, since the little plot we’ve had – the lead up to the confrontation between Good and Evil – has been building all season so I’ve had plenty of time to prepare for it, talk about it, etc, and this didn’t really add much.

However, the obvious point is the Syd/David scene. While it’s a bit typical of grimdark comics, it’s a decent flipping of the idea of who is good, who is evil, who is protagonist, who is antagonist and who is appearing as a guest in whose story. That much at least elevates it beyond the usual.

So as a finale, more a close on a chapter of a book than anything truly exciting, but with decidedly good moments in a season that while overlong, had some quite stunning innovations, particularly in its first half. I look forward to reading the next one, although hopefully more will happen, perhaps across fewer episodes.

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Westworld (US: HBO; UK: Sky Atlantic)

2×8 – Kiksuya

What is Westworld all about then? I don’t know any more. I thought I knew but I don’t. For about 90% of this episode, which will probably need a rewatch thanks to that final revelation, I assumed that Westworld was metamorphosing into a story of the oppressed, with almost standalone episodes in which various marginalised communities and people from throughout history were given a change to air their voice. But it’s not that, is it?


But it was a very good episode that despite being largely standalone – an almost Lower Decks piece, in fact – opened up the story, explained a whole bunch of things, fed us new bits of information and told an actually quite moving story of gods and pawns that was almost entirely in a Native American language. Which you don’t get that often. Really very lovely, even if almost none of it advanced the season’s plot.

Am I alone in dreading the return of Delores?

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