LA to Vegas cancelled; The Expanse (nearly) rescued; Will Arnett, Juliet Stevenson, Grégory Fitoussi join Sky’s Riviera; + more

LA to Vegas

Internet TV

German TV

  • ARD green lights: spin-off from In Aller Freundschaft, In Aller Freundschaft – Die Krankenschewestern (In All Friendship – The Nurses)

International TV

  • Atrium: green lights Quasimodo and One Giant Leap, developing future gated communities drama Silo, Spanish Civil War drama A Dry Run: The Lincolns in Spain, adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago and Amazon Queens drama The Last Amazon


  • Laurence Fox, Kate Fleetwood, John Sessions et al join ITV’s Victoria
  • Will Arnett, Juliet Stevenson, Grégory Fitoussi et al join Sky’s Riviera


US TV show casting

  • Kim Raver promoted to regular on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting