• tassiekev .

    BBC+ app – I'd rather they spent their time telling us what we're buying from the BBC Store. Bit rates, sound quality (2.0, 5.1), resolution – all missing. Are we just expected to buy on the off chance it may be what we hoped it would be? I feel a rant coming on.

    Why do BBC broadcast shows such as Night Manager, Luther, Line Of Duty etc in 2.0 and a week after the series is finished release DVD/BD with 5.1 sound? Considering the vast majority of us have contributed to the making of these shows, I think it a bit rich that the Beeb tries to bleed us again within days of broadcast ending.

    Rant over – you can all relax now.

  • JustStark

    Apparently it's because of having to provide both the normal audio channel, and an audio description channel, then some technical blah about decoders:


  • tassiekev .

    Thanks, I think. I know I'm slowly turning into Victor Meldrew, but BBC managed to show Trapped and other imports in 5.1 – these first run shows could be repeated at another time without the problems you mention. I'll have a look at the link and maybe have a moan on there. Thanks again :.

  • Mark Carroll

    That's okay, I'm sure I'll be moaning about this thing in due course. I wish they would just keep it all simple. The more intrusively they want to be part of how I find and watch their shows, the nearer I'll probably get to just not bothering.

  • tassiekev .

    Checked out that blog and

    then realized its 6 years old and no changes implemented. It did occur to me this afternoon that the simplest solution is to offer these programs in 5.1 on iPlayer, but they'd no doubt think up an excuse on that one too. If 5.1 can be streamed by Amazon, Netflix et al., why not Auntie?