Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Superman Unchained #8, Sensation Comics #5

I misspoke a little last week when I said that DC had postponed all its important Wonder Woman comics until last Wednesday. In fact, Superman/Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, et al are due out this week. So last week was actually kind of quiet, too.

Superman Unchained #8

If you’d been expecting Superman Unchained to deliver any Wonder Woman action, given she was in the previous issue, you’d have been disappointed since this issue, she didn’t feature at all, except through Superman wondering how best to fight a baddie called Wraith – perhaps he should emulate Diana?

Fight like Diana

But after creating a level playing field for them both, Superman then decides the big difference between him and Wraith is that Wraith has always had an army at his back, whereas he has always fought alone so has had to learn how to fight… presumably a new development for which he has Diana to thank, because as we remember from Superman/Wonder Woman #5 when faced with some warriors from Krypton, Superman sucked at fighting.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor turned out to be an intellectual dilettante, who claims to have read The Iliad but doesn’t know that the Trojan Horse only appears in Homer’s other poem, The Odyssey, and then only in flashback (the full tale of its construction is in The Little Iliad, one of the lost poems of the Epic Cycle). Or it might just be a parallel universe where The Iliad’s a bit different – in which case, I’d love to read the new 52 version of the Aithiopis.

Lex hasn't read The Iliad

That means the only Wonder Woman comic of note last week was Sensation Comics #5, which turned out to be quite interesting indeed.

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