Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #33, Sensation Comics #1-4

Justice League #33

Sorry, loyal readers, I’ve been away for a month so I’ve missed out all of August’s comics featuring Wonder Woman, and life being too short, etc, I won’t be playing catch up with August’s annuals, Superman Wonder Woman #11, Supergirl #34 et al, I’m afraid. Onwards and upwards and all that.

Fortunately, for some reason, DC has delayed releasing most of the usual Wonder Woman titles until tomorrow, though, so last week only gave me a few titles with which to kick off coverage again. The first is Justice League #33, in which Lex Luthor petitions to become part of the Justice League, largely by trying to deal with the alternative universe Green Lantern ring that’s taken hold of one frightened human, who for reasons best known to them is sought after by the Doom Patrol.

Justice League and Doom Patrol

Batman sorts out the bad Lantern in a somewhat surprising way, but decides to persuade the rest of the Trinity that maybe having Lex Luthor on board isn’t such a bad idea – since it means that they can keep an eye on him.

Keep an eye on Lex Luthor

There’s not a lot for Diana to do, beyond fight, plan and promise to give Steve Trevor a call (to have a word with him about the Doom Patrol, obviously), and if you’re as tired of ongoing storylines as I am, then the inability of both Forever Evil and, elsewhere, Superman: Doomed, to actually end is more than a bit wearing. But it’s fine for what it is.

However, the big news when I was away was the launch of weekly digital comic, Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman. Named after the comic that launched Wonder Woman in the first place, it exists as a way for authors and artists to create weekly Wonder Woman comics that are ‘out of continuity’ – that is, nothing in them affects existing nu52 continuity and they can in fact be set in any other, non-nu52 continuity, whether it be post-Crisis, Golden Age, Odyssey or even one of their own invention.

So what have authors done with it so far? Let’s have a brief chat about that, as well as the latest issue, after the jump.

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Doctor Who is a dick. Or a percentage of a dick, at least

All the Doctors Who

A little while ago, I was having a discussion on Twitter* with @stu_n and @mpphilips about who should be cast as a female Doctor Who, should that ever be something under consideration. My suggestion of Mary Louise Parker did not go down well. This was on the general grounds that Mary Louise Parker ‘is irritating’.

Everything is in the eye of the beholder, etc, but my counter to this point left my conversational partners stunned, I tell you. Stunned. Because I suggested that the Doctor is supposed to be irritating and casting Parker would at least be consistent on those grounds.

Are you stunned by this? Maybe you are. The Doctor is the hero of the piece, not even an anti-hero. He does good things. Surely he should be nice. Or not irritating, anyway.

However, I think it’s actually the case that Doctor Who is a dick, who does all kinds of dickish things but gets away with them because he’s the hero and occasionally has a companion who subverts his dickishness.

Now, he’s not all dick, clearly. In fact, I have a theory that each Doctor lies on a ‘dick-fey’ continuum, with the vast bulk of his personality from incarnation to incarnation being a mix of these two traits. And here’s a handy guide to exactly how much of a dick/fey he is with each incarnation, so you can see how right I am.

  1. Hartnell: Dick who becomes more fey
  2. Troughton: Fey with a hint of dick
  3. Pertwee: Dick
  4. T Baker: Huge dick
  5. Davison: Fey with a hint of dick
  6. C Baker: Colossal dick
  7. McCoy: Fey who becomes more dick
  8. McGann: Fey
  9. Hurt: Dick
  10. Eccleston: Huge dick
  11. Tennant: Dick
  12. Smith: Fey dick
  13. Capaldi: Ultra dick

You’ll note that Doctor number 8 – Paul McGann – is the only one who has no dickish qualities whatsoever and that’s probably because he had so little time on-screen that he never had the chance to display his innate dickishness**.

What do you think? Have I rocked your world? Am I massively off base? Is the Doctor actually all fluffy and lovely and extremely endearing?

* Obvious promotion of my Twitter account to suggest that fun and exciting conversations can be had if you follow me
** If you count audio and book adventures as well, then Doctor 8 is not only the longest running of all the Doctors but gets to show his innate dickishness on many, many occasions.

News: Catherine Tate – Assassin, an Agent Carter SHIELD cameo, Minority Report sequel approved, + more


  • Trailer for Fury with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Jason Isaacs et al
  • Trailer for Dark, with Whitney Able, Alex Breckenridge, Michael Eklund et al


Internet TV

  • Trailer for CW Seed’s Veronica Mars spin-off Play It Again, Dick
  • Alexa Davalos to star in Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle adaptation
  • Ben Chaplin, Steve Zahn and Romany Malco to star in Amazon/Shawn Levy’s Mad Dogs remake

New Zealand TV

  • Trailer for Prime’s The Brokenwood Mysteries


UK TV casting

  • Patti Lupone to guest, Helen McCrory and Simon Russell Beale promoted to regulars on Penny Dreadful


US TV casting

New US TV shows