The Mighty Boosh film, Only Fools and Horses returns and 15 mins of RTD’s Helix

Welcome back. How you doing?




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  • Rullsenberg

    Welcome back! We have missed you. I kinda gather from tweeterness that you weren't fussed at the new direction for Sherlock s3? Especially that 'difficult middle episode' thing they keep coming up against?

  • I'll review them both later today, but I thought last night's was pretty dreadful. A good structure, good performances, some fun bits of characterisation and at certain levels fun, but insultingly poor and just downright boring for the middle hour of its run.

    It would help if they could pin down the character of Sherlock better. It would be impossible for someone to have those deductive skills yet to be so incredibly clueless about people. Lack of empathy is one thing, but cluelessness is another thing altogether.

  • And thanks! Missed you too!

  • tobyob

    Glad to have you back! I can start my daily dose again……

  • Mark Carroll

    I thought that season one of The Mighty Boosh TV show was great, and that it largely went steadily downhill thereafter. I wonder how the film will be.