A brief look back at the Brave and the Bold #33

The Bold and the Beautiful #33

Sigh. No Wonder Woman in any new comic that came out last week, as far as I’m aware, so instead, I’ll just give everyone a brief head nod towards a pre nu-52 back issue that I just noticed was available on Comixology.

Written by J Michael Sraczynski (Babylon 5, The Changling, Thor), Brave and the Bold #33 is notable for a number of things. The first is that it’s possibly the first issue to feature Wonder Woman artwork by Cliff Chiang. Chiang, of course, largely came to prominence in Wonder Woman circles for his ‘WW as Joan Jett’ work, which also sees Black Canary, Batgirl and Zatanna as the rest of The Runaways:

Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman as Joan Jett

From there, he became the natural first choice for the nu52 run (although he’s been absent of late). However, the particular combination of Zatanna, Batgirl and Wonder Woman also got Chiang’s attention in Brave and the Bold #33. Of course, being pre nu 52, it features Wonder Woman’s old-school outfit.

Cliff Chiang's pre nu52 Wonder Woman

The issue seems at first like a bit of a nothing, perhaps even cliched idea: Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Zatanna have a girls night out in a club, where they put the world (and men) to rights.

Girls night out

Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Zatanna on a girls night out

Except, it’s a whole lot more than that, once you realise it’s actually a prequel to a very famous comic book and that Zatanna is actually crying in this scene because she knows what’s coming…

Zatanna and Wonder Woman hug

Definitely one to read if you like your comics to occasionally provoke a tear – and if you like to see Wonder Woman drawn like she’s 7” tall.

7" tall Wonder Woman