Photos from my Friday trip to BBC Broadcasting House

On Friday, I went uptown to see John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme being recorded at BBC Broadcasting House. I thought y’all might like to see some photos from the experience. This is old Broadcasting House:

Next to it is the new building, completed in the past couple of years:

The new building at Broadcasting House

Want to know what you can see inside? I’ll give you a clue: cough, cough, Doctor Who, cough, cough. 

Follow me after the jump if you’ve managed to crack the code and are interested…

There’s a cafeteria opposite the radio hall in which you have to wait until the show is about to be recorded. Here’s what’s at its entrance:


And inside?

The TARDIS in BBC's Broadcasting House's cafeteria

And as if that weren’t exciting enough, you can even watch the journos of BBC News hard at work:

BBC News

And as for the radio hall itself…

Radio 4 theatre

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the rather lovely faux-Grecian marbles on the walls. Sorry, but I was a bit naughty to be taking any pictures in the hall…

  • Red Scharlach

    Ah, I was also at the John Finnemore recording. I think I must have been sitting about 20 feet to your left! Did you enjoy it?

  • Spooky! Sorry to have missed you! You weren't wearing the polar bear hat, were you?

    Yes, we loved it, particularly the Radio 4 afternoon play sketch. You?

  • Red Scharlach

    No, the polar bear hat wasn't me, sadly.

    I had a great time, and the Radio 4 drama sketch was definitely the highlight for me too!

  • Ah, well. Polar bear hat was literally the only person I noticed while I was there. Because she had a polar bear hat.

    The only person, that is, apart from the guy who looked like Thor who sat at the same table as us beforehand. Because he looked like Thor.

  • Mark Carroll

    Ah, we are still getting to John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme. It is good to know that probably more will be broadcast at some point.

  • It'll be airing at the start of September

  • Mark Carroll

    Excellent, I shall try to remember.