Amber Heard not at all typecasting herself in Syrup

Shiloh Fernandez and Amber Heard in Syrup

They were shooting it in New York over a year ago – something of a surprise since the book was set in LA – but finally, the film of Syrup is ready to premiere… in Russia at least, 2013 everywhere else, according to the author, Max Barry. And here’s an unofficial trailer, posted by Barry himself.

A satire set in the world of corporate marketing, Syrup sees ‘Scat’ (Shiloh Fernandez from Red Riding Hood) trying to get his idea for a black-labelled carbonated beverage picked up by a certain major drinks company, helped (and occasionally stabbed in the back) by ‘6’ (Amber Heard), a brilliant young, gay marketing executive with few morals, and former best friend ‘Sneaky Peak’ (Kellan Lutz, whom you might recognise from the Twilight series, even though he never gets much to do). As 6 guides Scat through the chess game of corporate politics, Scat begins to fall in love with her. But can he trust her, can she love him and how much of anything she’s told him about herself can he believe – is he in love with a piece of marketing?

The movie, co-written by Barry and the film’s director Aram Rappaport (Whore), is going to be a bit of a change from the book, by the looks of it, not least because Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow aren’t going to be making a major sci-fi blockbuster during the movie; Brittany Snow (Harry’s Law) plays 6’s evil opposite, a character called ‘3’ rather than ‘@’; and because Sneaky Pete was originally Asian.

The trailer does also spoil rather a lot the book’s major question of whether 6 is quite the lesbian she claims to be, which makes me think it might not be as big a question in the movie.

Now it might just be our Amber getting all meta, given she’s one of the film’s producers, but a ‘might be lesbian, might be bi’ character who sleeps with a magnum under her pillow? That’s some major ‘from real life’ typecasting right there.