1950s movies and 1970s Saturday morning shows artistic brain twisters

Remember the 1970s US sci-fi TV show quiz pic from a couple of years ago? Well, the man behind that has done a couple of others. For Americans, here’s the Saturday morning action TV shows brain twister:

Saturday Morning Action Adventures

Click on it to make it bigger, if necessary, and you can go to the original site for an even more extreme close up.

Seeing as I think we got perhaps two or three of those shows, tops, during the 70s in the UK (there’s one show there I’d entirely forgotten about for 30+ years until this very moment), I’m not suspecting any UK readers will get these, but Americans, off you go. The answers for those who need them are here and here.

For everyone else, there’s this exciting 1950s sci-fi, horror and fantasy movie extravaganza:

1950s horror movies

Everyone should be able to get most of those, I reckon. Click to make it bigger, the original site is over here but there are no answers! Off you go!